1st Literary Award

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literary-award-literature-novel-novels-writer-author-dreams-literary-1literary-award-literature-novel-novels-writer-author-dreams-literary-19Our 11-year-old earned her 1st Literary Award in a competition she entered months ago. She submitted a mini version of her 1st novella. It’s the 38th year of this competition & is open worldwide.

When Phillip read us the letter aloud, she jumped with pure delight feeling the fruits of her accomplishment after having spent months writing. We are so happy for her and very proud of her!

literary-award-literature-novel-novels-writer-author-dreams-literary-17 literary-award-literature-novel-novels-writer-author-dreams-literary-18  literary-award-literature-novel-novels-writer-author-dreams-literary-22-cu literary-award-literature-novel-novels-writer-author-dreams-literary-13  literary-award-literature-novel-novels-writer-author-dreams-literary-9
Reading & writing are so important to Darling, a passion we saw at a very young age and have continued to fuel. While in England this May, we visited Oxford as C.S. Lewis & Philip Pullman are two of our daughter’s favorite authors, click: Oxford .
literary-award-literature-novel-novels-writer-author-dreams-literary-31 literary-award-literature-novel-novels-writer-author-dreams-literary-32
Three teachers, Mrs. DZ, Mrs. SZ & Mrs. C have had such a significant impact on furthering her creative juices and honing her technical skills. Marvelous, nurturing, kind teachers ~ we are so grateful to have had this Dynamic Trio educate our daughter! Thank you, Mrs. DZ, for the amazing surprise cookie bouquet!!! Loved it!!!literary-award-literature-novel-novels-writer-author-dreams-literary-10
In her congratulatory card was a letter trimmed in gold with a very special message: Pack your bags & your wand, Hogwarts Castle awaits!! 
literary-award-literature-novel-novels-writer-author-dreams-literary-24literary-award-literature-novel-novels-writer-author-dreams-literary-23 literary-award-literature-novel-novels-writer-author-dreams-literary-25literary-award-literature-novel-novels-writer-author-dreams-literary-26literary-award-literature-novel-novels-writer-author-dreams-literary-29
Cheers with smoothies & an afternoon of play, the day could not have ended any better!literary-award-literature-novel-novels-writer-author-dreams-literary-30 literary-award-literature-novel-novels-writer-author-dreams-literary-34 literary-award-literature-novel-novels-writer-author-dreams-literary-37
bright spot flowerThe Bright Spot – Her award! Her friends! Her magical destination created by her favorite female author, J.K. Rowling, click: Wizarding World to see one of the most fun stories I’ve had the pleasure to write!
lands-end-catalog-5She was photographed for this Land’s End ad in Spring for the Autumn 2016 polo collection. They interviewed her and used this quote on the ad:lands-end-catalog-4
Darling, you are well on your way!


Harmony and Magic

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Do you remember the love the young boy and the 7,000 pound Orca in “Free Willy” had for one another. I love to see such a connection between people and animals.

I have witnessed the most remarkable relationship between our 5-year-old daughter and a young Beluga whale ~ the two just make my heart swell.

5 year old girl and baby beluga whale

 5 year old girl and beluga whale

Sometimes there’s a crowd, sometimes we’re just there on our own,

but the two of them take no notice of anyone but each other.

He will look directly and intently at her, swim to her and play

with only her no matter how many people are around.

Beluga up close

He brings her his toys – balls and floaties,

Beluga with red ball

Beluga with floatie toys

and she will stay and play for ages, cooing and singing and encouraging the activities…

Little girl and beluga playing with orange ball

Little girl and beluga playing

even in the rain!

Little girl and beluga in the rain

They have a unique and beautiful friendship.

Dad, girl and beluga

The young beluga will swim up to her and sing his whale song…

Beluga whale swims up to little girl

and await her return.

Beluga whale up close

And we will make the long journey back and forth because this connection, this love, this tie to nature is an incredible gift.

Our little one has begged to swim with her beloved Beluga. The rule is that children must be 6 years of age. Guess where we’re going in a few months! 🙂

The Bright Spot bright spot flower – may we all be so blessed to be that in tune with the world around us.

Little girl and 2 whales