My Caped Crusader

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Phillip  Let's Talk radio host  cravat  coat and tails  handsome man  sexy man  confidence  confident man

Happy Birthday, Darling

Whether my dear husband is busy

at Gotham City’s Sherry-Netherland’s Doubles on 5th Ave sweeping ladies off their feet…

                                             Batman Caped Crusader Sherry-Netherland Hotel New York City Gotham City Doubles Club private club    man  The Caped Crusader  Batman lifts woman  Batman saves woman  Gotham City  New York City  Doubles Club  Sh_

or me off mine…  Bianca and Phillip  happy couple  sexy embrace  long hair  sexy hair       … giving speeches Phillip  Let's Talk radio host  giving speech  man giving speech  castle  beautiful painting  beautiful frame

or playing Cricket…

Cricket  Phillip playing Cricket  Phillip  Let's Talk radio show host  cricket match in England

Bentley  Phillip  sports cars  Bentley sports car  man in business suit  Host of Let's Talk radio show chillin’ or racing Lamborghini  black Lamborghini  sexy husband  sexy car

giving sweet baby kisses

          Dad kisses newborn  dad kisses daughter  dad kisses little one  kisses  kiss for daughter  kiss for newborn  _      Batman kisses princess  little daughter kisses dad  dad kisses little daughter  princess  Caped Crusader

and super Daddy hugs…

Dad greets daughter with outstretched arms  daughter runs into dad's arms  outstretched arms  snow hug  snow _    Dad hugs daughter  dad embraces daughter  dad embraces little one  snow hug  snow embrace

Dad and son  son climbing on Dad's back  pumkin carving  son with sweet smile    Dad and son in car  Dad cuddles son  loving dad  adorable son  sweet father and son

Loving family  gala event  parents and son  loving embrace  tuxedo and gown Happy family  Father  mother and son  parents and son  New York Yankees  family in embrace New York City  holidays in New York City  happy family  son sits on top of father's shoulders  loving family

nca and Phillip  Parents with son and dog  smiling family  Let's Talk radio hosts  gala event  gala  son in g_  Dad holds up daughter  daughter in blue dress  proud dad  dad and daughter being silly

 …corporate by weekday and

New York Stock Exchange, Opening Bell, NYSE 2011

Hearth Warrior by weekend

Carpentry  drill  sexy husband  hanging shelves  hot legs  sexy legs  handyman Carpentry  drill  hot husband  hanging shelves  hot legs  sexy legs  handyman Carpentry  drill  sexy husband  hanging shelves  hot legs  sexy legs  hot handyman

(God, I love those legs!)

…and whether he’s playing peacefully or keeping the peace,

k Engine  dad plays with little one  dad and daughter play trains  Cinderella  Cinderella dress  costume  Cin_  Caribbean  baby pulling hair  baby pulling brother's hair  bandana on head  happy family

up in the sky or under water,

Helicopter flight  helicopter with toddler  Dad and daughter on helicopter flight    Dad and son scuba diving  Caribbean scuba diving  scuba diving  A-ok

dressed up…

     Phillip on the phone  Phillip  Let's Talk radio host  diamond and gold cufflinks  cufflinks  diamonds        Phillip  Let's Talk radio host  dashing man  handsome man  confidence  confident man

dressed down, OR…

 Phillip  Let's Talk host  Tommy Hilfiger  Army hat  Army  4th of July  Dad fixing car  Dad fixing while kids watch  Dad and 2 kids  Phillip  Let's Talk radio host  Phillip in the kitchen  Phillip cooking  Phillip at brunch  kitchen  cooking  brunch

barely dressed…

anca & Phillip  Bianca Tyler  Caribbean  tiki huts  Turks & Caicos  happy couple on beach  Honeymoon  embrace_  

Phillip is funny and

Phillip & Bianca  Country Club  world travel Millennium  England at Millennium  party hats  Bianca and Phillip  Bianca Tyler

Bianca Tyler  Bianca and Phillip  Gala  tuxedo  joyous event   couple gala gala event full length black and white coat spotted coat smiling couple Bianca Tyler black_

2011 Gala  Bianca & Phillip  Let's Talk radio hosts  event  Bianca Tyler  Miss Connecticut summer gala Happy couple  Phillip and Bianca  love  embrace  smiles  joyous couple

great fun to be around.

Bianca and Phillip  party time  gala  having fun  loving embrace  diamond necklace  diamond and sapphire neck_    Motorcycle  Phillip on yellow motorcylce  Triumph motorcycle  English countryside motorcycle    Skiing  Family skiing  Parents and son skiing  ski suits  snow suits  happy family

A wonderful father,

Central Park Horse Carriage  New York City  happy family  huge smiles  smiling family  parents and son - a    Beach house  Father teaches daughter to walk  toddler walking  walking toddler  beach view  water view

an animal lover and protector,

Hugging a dolphin  dolphin hugs  Phillip hugging a dolphin  Phillip  Let's Talk radio host  bandana  warm emb_   Snapping Turtle  huge turtle  saving turtle

a loving husband and great friend to all who know him, I am proud to be his wife, his lifelong partner, his other half.

Bianca & Phillip  married couple  happy couple  sexy embrace  Bianca Tyler  Let's Talk radio hosts               Phillip  Let's Talk radio host  father  great father  amazing husband

Bianca and Phillip  radio station  radio show hosts  Let's Talk radio show

I’m also proud to work together as co-hosts on our Live radio show, “Let’s Talk!” about Life, Love and Parenting archived on this site after each show for your listening convenience.

Batman  Marilyn Monroe  Sherry-Netherland Hotel  Doubles  New York City


The Bright SpotTM bright spot flower – I could not think of a better person to take this life journey with! Take a moment to think of all the reasons you love your special someone and go give that person a big kiss! I’ve just finished this story and am looking for my Batman, my Caped Crusader, my darling to give him a big smooch!  😉 b