Zumba Kicks It!

Thursday, March 22, 2012 by  

Bianca's sister in Puerto Vallarta, MexicoMy sister loves Mexico. She lived in Puerto Vallarta for years while dating a Grammy award-winning rock star; she learned the language, loves the music & culture, learned to cook traditional cuisine and can tear up the dance floor.

She’s always been daring & adventuresome whether hopping in her open-topped Jeep Wrangler driving thousands of miles from New York > Puerto Vallarta, or hopping out of airplanes.Skydiving, Bianca's sister jumping out of a plane

I visited her many times in Mexico, especially the years I lived in Texas, and we spent many a night shakin’ our thang to the beat of night music at the clubs along the famous malecon – the seaside promenade.

Mexico, Bianca Tyler in Mexico, Puerto VallartaMy sister’s always been more athletic than me. So it is no wonder that when Zumba came on the scene, there she was rippin it up every day, begging me to join her.

It’s taken months but I finally joined her today. I learned I’m not as young as I used to be (yes, to the right is the “then” in Mexico, the couch pic below is the “now” LOL!)

We have a tendency in our family to jump headfirst into everything with zeal and passion and exhuberance.

But somehow my freespirited soul didn’t tell my back that. Or my knee or my butt.

That’s right – Zumba kicked my butt!!Feeties up, relaxation, hanging out, chillin'

I came home aching & aaahhing and did what I love to do nowadays more than ever – hang out with my kids and put my feet UP!

The Bright SpotTM – I love my couch!