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Mom, Dad, baby Bianca, Bianca Tyler  Daddy & Bianca, Bianca Tyler, Daddy
This month marks the anniversary of Daddy’s passing. It’s been many years now, but I can still picture that shocking moment like it was yesterday. Sudden, unexpected, heartbreaking.

I grieved deeply, crying a sea of sorrow…and I emerged strong, sturdy and resilient. Why?Dad hugs his daughters

Well, there are two main reasons. The first is because he was the most incredible father in the world to my sister and me and gave us unconditional love, time, tenderness and devotion.

The second reason dates back to when I was in college. His mother passed away and sometime later I was talking to him and asked him how he was not falling apart.

Daddy, b&w photoMy father, one of seven children, said, “Although you haven’t seen my tears and pain, my parents raised me to be strong and independent; they gave me wings so one day I could start my own family and teach my children to be independent and give them wings. If I fell apart, my mother’s teachings would have failed, and there I will not fail her. That is completely different to my emotions which I feel deeply.”

Mom and Dad at NYC Pier Club                                                   So sometimes, especially the years close to when my father passed away, those poignant feelings would pierce my heart, but I wouldn’t fall apart, because that would fail him.

Missing your smile, Daddy, Bianca & Daddy, Bianca Tyler  Daddy raising baby Bianca up, 1960's baby and Dad, old cars

He gave me wings and I am blessed to be a mother now having the honor to teach my own children to be strong, loving future adults with wings.

Mom and daughter snuggling, hugs and smooches    Mom snuggling son, nurturing, protecting, tenderness, comfort

Daddy’s legacy is indelible. And this lesson is true: Be present with your children. Of course you love them, but give them 100% of your attention, be truly present. You know, push the swing without the handheld…rather than texting someone who’s not there, focus on the one who is there – the person who thinks you’re the world! The person you are giving wings to.

The Bright SpotTM bright spot flower – Daddy was kind & generous, and loved by his community. He was laid to rest on Valentine’s Day…appropriate for a man with such a big heart. To read all about my father’s story & see one of my *favorite pictorials*, click right here:

I miss you, Daddy, here’s to you!   Toast to you, Daddy  xoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxo