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The Magna CartaOriginal crystal ball from Wizard of Oz










…………..The Magna Carta   1215AD                         Crystal Ball from The Wizard of Oz

Phillip was invited to the home of billionaire Jay Walker to view his private collection in The Walker Library of The History of Human Imagination.

Glass floor to lower level.-ajpgMy husband standing on the glass floor leading to the underground museum.Library (7)

Here are some cool pictures he snapped that evening. This is the napkin during lunch Franklin D. Roosevelt outlined his plans to end WWII and, ultimately, defeat the Axis Powers.F.D.R (3)a

Dinosaur egg 136 chicken eggs largeThe largest egg of any animal (the Aepyornis) that has ever lived – it is 10,000-20,000 years old and contains the equivalent volume of 10-12 ostrich eggs (as seen beside it) or 160 chicken eggs!!1 of 3 Sputniks Russian Sputnik

1699 - 1st map showing Sun as center of the Universe (3)

1699AD – The 1st map showing the Sun as the center of our universe.


Circut board from 1st Apple Computer signed by Steve Wozniak





Circuit board from 1st Apple computer signed by Steve Wozniak


Lincoln's Campaign photograph


Abraham Lincoln’s campaign photograph

1st Moon Landing Control Room signed by all

1400s ship next to Space Station1st Moon Landing Control Room – signed by all


A 1400s ship next to a Space Station

Amber 90 million yo only full-body scorpion jurassic results not far (2)EKG readout of Buzz Aldrin as he stepped onto the Moon

A 90-million-year-old piece of amber encasing the only full-body organism known in the world (scorpion). Jay Walker says the reality of Jurassic Park is not so far into the future…Henry 8th's law of creating new testament printed chained to every church in country


Buzz Aldrin’s actual EKG results the exact moment the Apollo 11 lunar module touched the lunar surface for the very 1st time.




1539AD     King Henry VIII’s new law of printing the New Testament from Greek into English & then chaining them to every church in the country.
1 of only 2 copies of the Declaration of Independence
The Declaration of Independence – 1 of only 2 copies & actual signatures.                                                                                                    1 of only 2 - actual signaturesMeteorites from MarsMr. Walker holding meteorites from Mars.

bright spot flowerThe Bright Spot – Phillip truly had an experience out of this world! Thank you to Mr. Walker for offering his time and passion for an evening well spent amongst these amazing world treasures of more than 50,000 precious volumes & a myriad of artworks and artifacts.