Hide the Candy!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013 by  

Baby, BunnyChickie, darling, sweet button, bundle, baby hat, Easter, Happy Easter, family, happiness

Easter is my favorite holiday.

I love that our daughter was born the day after Easter.

I sometimes call her my Little BunnyChickie.


I love that Spring just Wooden ornaments, hanging eggs, children in wonder, touching eggs, pussywillows, big blossoms, Easter, Happy Easter, family, happinessstarted. Everything awakens from Winter’s long freeze & is born anew. The air smells fresh & green baby leaves are Easter Bunny visits, Easter Bunny, candies, M&Ms, Winnie-the-Pooh basket, Disney Cinderella princess dolly, Easter, Happy Easter, family, joy
Joy, overwhelmed, surprise, Bunny visits, Easter, Happy Easter, family, happinessJoy, happy, Snoopy, kitty, Easter dress, morning surprise, Easter, Happy Easter, family, happiness

Wooden Easter ornament, bunny riding train, handpainted, European, Easter, Happy Easter, grandparent's ornamentsWooden ornament, wooden Easter Bunny, crafts, nest, Easter eggs, old and new together, Easter, Happy Easter, family, happinessWalking Easter Bunny to egg hunt, confetti, Easter, Easter Bunny, Easter egg hunt, Easter party, friends gather slowly unfurling. I love pussy willows and forsythia, big blossoms and tiny crocuses.

I love the Easter story of Jesus’ Resurrection & I love the trumpets at church that glorious, Holy morning when we all celebrate together in song & praise. I love & appreciate the religious traditions of other folks as I am a member of a very large, close-knit, multicultural, multi-religious, multi-international, multi-lingual family.

I love coloring eggs & decorating them with the kids. I love the little 50-year-old, wooden, hand-painted European Easter decorations from my grandparents. I love to mix those decorations with our little one’s pretty, handmade decorations from preschool. Old & new crafts together.

I love the Easter Bunny, the delicate, ceramic decorations, fragile Easter eggs, egg-citing hunts & yummy candies.

Wooden chick in bucket, Easter basket, nest, bird nest, Easter eggs, bird eggs, colored eggs, crafts, handpainted ornaments, Easter, Happy Easter

I particularly love pastel M&Ms!! I like all chocolate, but those tiny, pale- colored little chocolate dots of joy always seem to find my lips, hummm… I admit, I will steal bites here & there from my children’s baskets in passing. I’ll pass a lot – cover those baskets!!

I love the Easter egg hunts at farms, in fields, at church & at friends.
Easter egg hunt, hand in hand with Daddy, red barn, farmlands, Connecticut farm
Easter Morning, Easter egg hunt, Easter baskets, Easter bonnets, Easter dresses, Easter fun, church, congregation, Easter Sunday Easter, Easter hunt at church, Easter eggs, Easter basket, Easter bonnet, bonnet and bow, Easter dress, Easter joy   Parties, celebrations, the Easter Bunny arriving on the fire truck!

Easter egg hunt, beautiful day on the farm, farm, farmlands, puffy clouds, blue skies, happy children, children running, gathering eggsDancing at the Easter party, DJ, friends and neighbors, Easter, Easter Bunny, Easter egg hunt, Easter party
Easter Bunny arrives on fire truck, Easter, Happy Easter, child hugs Bunny, firefighersWaiting for the Easter Bunny, friends, baskets, children, anticipation, Easter, Happy Easter, family, happiness, communityAmerican flag, Easter, Easter Bunny, Easter egg hunt, Easter party, music, eggs, friends and funChildren with the Easter Bunny, happy kids, smiles, Easter, Happy Easter, family, happiness, community fun

Jesus, Jesus' cross, resurrection, forsythia, church, Easter celebrations, He Is Risen

I love Biblical epics on TV at this time of year and was particularly pleased with Mark Burnett’s The Bible miniseries ~ simply outstanding!!

The Bright SpotTM bright spot flower – I love Spring & all the cheeriness of the season!