America the Beautiful ~ September 11th Memorial

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“You might want to turn on the news, there’s been talk that a plane hit the Trade Center,” Phillip said to me that fateful morning 14 years ago as he headed toward Wall Street on the subway. The phone lines went down and I didn’t hear from my husband for another 8 hours. My mother-in-law was visiting from England and we turned on the TV, watching in disbelief the horror unfold minute by minute. One of Phillip’s cohorts was on the 1st plane. Phillip saw the burning towers and felt his building shake as they collapsed to the ground.

Boy Scout at September 11 memorial, Yankee Stadium, Credit-AP, September 23, 2001, Boy Scout waving flag, patriotic, New YorkWe knew 6 people who perished that day; we felt great conviction to attend the memorial service at Yankee Stadium September 23rd, 2001. Our 9-year-old son came down the stairs in his boy scout uniform, “Is this okay to wear?” We were so proud of him. Little did we know this shy young boy would appear in over 60 publications worldwide shining as a beacon of hope for many people. Credit: Associated Press

Photographers at Yankee Stadium Memorial, September 11, 9-11 Memorial, New York   Yankee Stadium, 9-11 Memorial, September 11, September 11th memorial, September 23, 2001

September 11, 2001, Scout in magazine, Credit - AP, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Robin Williams  Scouts, Boy Scout, Boy Scout flying flag, patriotism, Credit - AP, scout in newspaper Boy scout, flag, flag waving, Boy Scouts of America, Credit - AP

Family at 9-11 Memorial, New York memorial, September 11, Boy Scout and family, Credit - AP, September 23, 2001, Yankee Stadium    Scout, Boy Scout, Flag-waving boy scout, scouting, 9-11, September 11, Credit - AP    Talking to kids about terrorism, explaining terrorism, Credit - AP, explanation about terrorism, September 11    September 11 memorial, Yankee Stadium, Boy Scout, Scout waving flag, flag, Credit - AP, 9-11 Memorial
Years have passed. We prayed with our fellow congregants for continued healing and peace. New England church, congregation, steeple, steeple in the sun, steeple in the cloudsMany of the 800 members of this church either work(ed) in New York City or know friends who did. It is very personal for this community.

Church, New England church, filled church, congregants, packed houseTry to imagine voices of passion in our New England church, established 1731, singing the 4 full verses of America the Beautiful. I dare you not to cry as you read and soak in those incredible words. It just says it all – who we are, what this nation is, and where we came from.

September 11 memorial, beach memorial, 10th anniversary of September 11, CT memorial, Sunset memorialLater, we visited the September 11th Memorial in our area; it’s on the water and faces where the Twin Towers used to be.

Someone found a rock in the shape of a heart. September 11 Memorial, heart stone, heart rock, roses on memorial, CT memorial, 9-11 memorial, names of lost souls


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