Hand me a Volleyball!

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Well known for its particularly high satisfaction rating by patients, I am no exception with my bilateral reduction mammoplasty (photo taken next morning): 

With the initial look at my dressing upon waking in recovery, I was simply delighted with the white bralette, my first ever. I felt like someone should hand me a volleyball so I could head to a California beach straight away!

Over 3 hours & hundreds of internal stitches later, Dr. Chang Soo Kim (GCsurgeryandlasers.com) & his amazing team removed nearly 1,500 grams! Find a 3.3 pound weight and put it on a chain & wear it around your neck over your lungs and tell me if you don’t want to rip it off by the end of the week! Not only did Dr. Kim give me the breasts of a 20-year-old, but I could suddenly breathe effortlessly again!!


I don’t blame breastfeeding, I don’t blame aging & I certainly don’t blame weight loss.







Life started out normal…



And then, what on Earth happened?? I mean, seriously, look at my little neck…


No matter how little I weighed, I was still a DDD+.                 Not pleasant when the rest of my body was wearing a size 4.
 It translates into neck & back pain, underwires digging into soft skin, and bursting

I had never experienced a surgery that would alter my appearance. Between fun, function & fashion, the twins had served their time well.


But enough was enough. Deemed a medical necessity, I was grateful it was fully covered by our insurance. So grateful!! All $91,234.43! 

Unless you’ve not been able to bounce on a trampoline with your kids or run through Costcos without getting black eyes or lay on your stomach at the Chiropractor’s or zip up your coat without pushing past the bust roadblock or comfortably enjoy a massage or if you’ve rested your twins on your wrists climbing the stairs or slung your mammaries into the massive nylon cups of a minimizer or released them at the end of the night only to swing like tube socks with golf balls or if you sleep on your side with a pillow just for your top boob or find it difficult to buy a pretty little outfit with straps or take a deep breath without holding up your center bra wire or accidentally hit the delete button with your breast when you’re reaching over your keyboard, then you may understand. Millions of women do. This surgery is life-changing!  


And those shocked by my decision only proves I was a master of camouflaging my DDD+ girls with the perfected fashionable slouch, wearing baggy blouses, and, as countless women know, subjecting ourselves to breath-defying minimizer bras. 

Dr. Kim & his team were incredibly kind. I even asked to pray before surgery, something I’ve never done before and really didn’t even know what to say, but Dr. Kim held my hand and his team gathered around and I felt safe and cared for and the next thing I knew, after “Amen,” I was waking up in recovery feeling lighter & breathing easily.

The only unusual part of the day was standing with Phillip shortly before surgery in the pre-op room and the doctor used a special surgical Sharpie pen to mark my skin for the incisions. Ewww. I tried not to picture what those lines really meant.

When it was time to go home late that night around 10pm, Phillip helped me change. Gown off, we both looked down for the first time and were excited and pleased. No drains. No ugly bandage wraps. Just a little white satin bralette. I felt so adorable. I felt 20 again. “You look awesome,” Phillip exclaimed. Cool!

I dreamed of finally buying a pretty bra with a lovely pattern or wearing something strapless for the first time. When I got home, I wore a cozy PJ top I have never been able to button before. It was exciting!

Interestingly, if anything could go wrong the weeks leading up to surgery, it did. But it wasn’t going to deter me.

I had partially torn my meniscus and was in physical therapy 3 times a week in February. Phillip just recovered from another intensive cancer treatment surgery (The Journey) through February & I was drained. My Mom tripped 10 days earlier and I was making the 60-mile roundtrip to her house daily to care for her. Then Mom (Tribute to Mom) fell the day of my surgery and injured herself even more. My sister & niece both have bronchitis and my daughter broke her foot in gym this week prompting us to immediately cancel the friends’ homes where she was to stay during my initial recovery. As if that weren’t enough, I haven’t had my period for a year & the night before surgery it came on with full force & was relentless all week. Then a fluke March blizzard delayed my follow-up visit to the surgeon. One thing after another, but you know me. Nothing would stop me & so it is done.

I came home that night, got in bed, put my feet up, snuggled our 3 kitty cats & haven’t moved much since. We inflated a triple-decker queen air mattress in our room with pretty aqua sheets & a pastel butterfly comforter for my little Darling, 
and we’ve been cozying up watching The Flash, enjoying tea & scones, and letting our Boys deal with the chaos in the real world while she & I focus on our *Healing Party.*

(And Mom has Visiting
Angels now).

The reduction was a huge decision, no pun intended. No woman goes into such a major surgery without having given it a great deal of thought. 4 girlfriends went through it and offered words of wisdom. Recovery was quick and, thanks to strong meds, relatively comfortable. (Phillip’s med chart >         for me.) No stretching, no pushing, no pulling, no lifting, no standing upright for a long time. No driving for 2 weeks.

For a busy Mom, it’s actually quite nice to stay in bed for a while.

My gals still “under wraps” as I enjoy a lovely salmon dinner in bed. Phillip has brought me every culinary delight this week & is keeping me on track with infection & pain meds around the clock.

My husband & I met with Dr. Kim a week later for the unveiling. Phillip says the Redesigned Twins are “spellbinding!” Ooh! (blushing). We’re happy, I can breathe & long necklace ornaments will never be bobbling off the center wire of my big brassieres again because those parachutes are all in File 13!


(Warning: Graphic photos ahead intended for mature audiences only)

We visited Dr. Kim yesterday, the one-week checkup since surgery. To be honest, I was afraid to look down & see stitches when the doctor took my bandages off. That’s when Phillip gave me that beautiful compliment above. But today was Day 9 and I seriously needed to shower so this would be my first meeting with my girls.

Phillip helped me take off the tight bralette and gently peeled off the gauze bandages. I just
stared at myself in the mirror for the longest time. I mean, just really stood there and stared. What looked back at me was the most beautiful set of healthy, perky twins with an upturned point you would only see on a mannequin and think, “Yeah, that’s not for real.”
But it was real… they were staring back at me in all their glory. 100% all-natural me, just less of me!! I simply had to share this beautiful ending to this long-awaited decision in my life. At the risk of my father spinning in his resting site at the idea of my gals going uncovered on screen, I’ve made sure to find pretty little flowers to cover the tips.
Since launching this story a few days ago, I have had countless women who have gone through reduction email me and say they wished they had done it earlier. That’s exactly what went through my mind, too. But I’m glad it is done now. 
The Bright Spotbright spot flower – Thank you, Dr. Kim, for your wisdom & your artistry. Your work is outstanding and you and your team are the very best and have made me feel light & amazing. 2 things that make Dr. Kim stand out from the rest – he doesn’t like to use drains which I’ve heard are painful to remove a week or more later. And he uses a special technique to help save sensation after healing. 
As my OR nurse who later wrote to me so perfectly said, “Wishing you a “B”eautiful recovery, “B”ring on the new “B”ras and “B”athing suits!”  

Dr. Chang Soo Kim ~ Click: GCSurgeryandLaser 203-920-1444  


As one friend who has been through this aptly put it, “Your lady bits are tender now. Drink tea, binge watch & recover.” Good advice & someday soon I’ll be able to lay on my stomach! Photos below of my loving Support Team!! Daily our furbabies skillfully demonstrate how to just lay around & chill.
I would like to thank everyone who is been so encouraging & wonderful especially in helping to pick up our Darling from school, or bring her home after track, or to and from dances, sleepovers & movies, or brought me to the doctor for stitches cleaning/dressing changes or sent goodies or brought dinner, you know who you are & I’m grateful.

Thank you, in particular, to Nayer, Samara, Maria, Anitta, Emily, Melissa, Aimee, Cheryl, Chloe, Mighty Medina’s, Jane, Stephen B., Rose, Ann, Cathy, Sue, Lorine, Julie, Hannah F., John Z., Billy & Shannon, Luz & Lisa, Suzanne, Barry & Sara, thank you all!! Your actions meant a lot!

UPDATE: 1st Summer!

I find it funny that when I’ve run into friends these past two months, the 1st thing they say is, “Hey, how are your boobs!?” So here’s an update: It’s been 4 months since undergoing this major surgery & this major change in my life. It took weeks to drive or even lift my arms above my shoulders. But with each passing month, I’m just happier and so thankful to feel light and look like a normal person in clothes. And it’s not just my new clothes…I’ve been able to “closet shop!” So yes, everything feels different and new because fabrics hang properly now.

The surgeon explained the outside stitches would heal at their own pace and then I could use scar tape across, down & under (left photo) to lighten the marks once the wounds closed. It works very well. He explained, however, that the hundreds of internal stitches are different – they are made of a slow-dissolving material that takes months to dissolve while the soft breast tissue heals. I accidentally pulled out 2 of them when I peeled off the scar tape to shower. Owww! Those stitches were tough & thick like a clear nylon fishing line. Believe me, I peel much slower now!!

In the end, all is wonderful and summer in spaghetti straps is a dream realized. (You can still see the dents in my shoulders above from all those burdensome years…well-endowed ladies, you know what I’m talking about!)

Who knew 32 years ago when I asked my parents if I could paint my walls – I think they thought ivory or yellow or something! – that I would paint this picture…check it out – my gals look like that painting!

The Bright Spotbright spot flower– As I mentioned above, it’s 100% all-natural me, just less of me!!!



Pumpkin Henge

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“Do you smell that, Mommy?” I wasn’t smelling anything, I was heading intoIndian corn, red corn, maze, Pumpkin Henge, Pumpkin picking, pumpkin patch, Halloween, October, holidays, family time, family together, friends, fun, family fun (15) Party City for a dolphin balloon, last errand of the evening, my mind racing with the day’s events. “Smell what, Honey,” I asked, clutching her little, warm hand in mine as we weaved through the busy parking lot.


Gorgeous BIG pumpkin with curly stem, Pumpkin Henge, Pumpkin picking, pumpkin patch, Halloween, October, holidays, family time, family together, friends, fun, family fun (10)I stopped immediately between the safety of parked cars and looked at her. “What do you smell?” She looked up at me and then closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “The smokey smell in the crisp air, that smokiness you smell when fireplaces crackle and leaves fall gently outside and we get costumes for Halloween and then the holidays begin!” Then she opened her eyes and smiled serenely.

What a simple delight when we stop everything and listen to our children. When we halt our harried lives and smell the air around us. Yes, just stop and breathe. Pumpkin Henge, Pumpkin picking, pumpkin patch, Halloween, October, holidays, family time, family together, friends, fun, family fun (3)

We took the kids to a 150-year-old farm for hayrides & pumpkin picking, corn mazes and strawberry fields…forever…


Strawberry, fresh strawberry patch, crop of strawberries, baby strawberry, unripe strawberry, Pumpkin Henge, Pumpkin picking, pumpkin patch, Halloween, October, holidays, family time, family together, friends, fun, family fun (13)



Pumpkin patch, fun in Autumn, crisp air, sunny skies, white pumpkins, rainbow, strawberry fields, strawberries (3)   Pumpkin patch, fun in Autumn, crisp air, sunny skies, white pumpkins, rainbow, strawberry fields, strawberries (1)

Pumpkin patch, fun in Autumn, crisp air, sunny skies, white pumpkins, rainbow, strawberry fields, strawberries (2)

Pumpkins, squash, gourds, totally cute (5) Pumpkins, squash, gourds, totally cute (3)
The girls worked hard creating their very own Pumpkin Henge: Pumpkin Henge, Pumpkin picking, pumpkin patch, Halloween, October, holidays, family time, family together, friends, fun, family fun (20)

Batman Marilyn Monroe Sherry-Netherland Hotel Doubles New York CityAfter 20 years, I’m turning in my Marilyn outfit to match our daughter as “princess & queen”Costumes, matching Mommy-Daughter costumes, princess and queen, red and gold costumes, gowns, beautiful fabric as we help coordinate this year’s Fall Festival and organize the costume parade with Batman.

Oh, I do love my Batman!  Click here for more about my very own Caped Crusader: http://theletstalkmom.com/tea-talk-momversations/my-caped-crusader/

The Bright SpotTM  bright spot flower – It’s not just roses we have to slow down for, smell the Autumn, too. 🙂 Snoopy pumpkin, Snoopy, Pumpkins


My Caped Crusader

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Phillip  Let's Talk radio host  cravat  coat and tails  handsome man  sexy man  confidence  confident man

Happy Birthday, Darling

Whether my dear husband is busy

at Gotham City’s Sherry-Netherland’s Doubles on 5th Ave sweeping ladies off their feet…

                                             Batman Caped Crusader Sherry-Netherland Hotel New York City Gotham City Doubles Club private club    man  The Caped Crusader  Batman lifts woman  Batman saves woman  Gotham City  New York City  Doubles Club  Sh_

or me off mine…  Bianca and Phillip  happy couple  sexy embrace  long hair  sexy hair       … giving speeches Phillip  Let's Talk radio host  giving speech  man giving speech  castle  beautiful painting  beautiful frame

or playing Cricket…

Cricket  Phillip playing Cricket  Phillip  Let's Talk radio show host  cricket match in England

Bentley  Phillip  sports cars  Bentley sports car  man in business suit  Host of Let's Talk radio show chillin’ or racing Lamborghini  black Lamborghini  sexy husband  sexy car

giving sweet baby kisses

          Dad kisses newborn  dad kisses daughter  dad kisses little one  kisses  kiss for daughter  kiss for newborn  _      Batman kisses princess  little daughter kisses dad  dad kisses little daughter  princess  Caped Crusader

and super Daddy hugs…

Dad greets daughter with outstretched arms  daughter runs into dad's arms  outstretched arms  snow hug  snow _    Dad hugs daughter  dad embraces daughter  dad embraces little one  snow hug  snow embrace

Dad and son  son climbing on Dad's back  pumkin carving  son with sweet smile    Dad and son in car  Dad cuddles son  loving dad  adorable son  sweet father and son

Loving family  gala event  parents and son  loving embrace  tuxedo and gown Happy family  Father  mother and son  parents and son  New York Yankees  family in embrace New York City  holidays in New York City  happy family  son sits on top of father's shoulders  loving family

nca and Phillip  Parents with son and dog  smiling family  Let's Talk radio hosts  gala event  gala  son in g_  Dad holds up daughter  daughter in blue dress  proud dad  dad and daughter being silly

 …corporate by weekday and

New York Stock Exchange, Opening Bell, NYSE 2011

Hearth Warrior by weekend

Carpentry  drill  sexy husband  hanging shelves  hot legs  sexy legs  handyman Carpentry  drill  hot husband  hanging shelves  hot legs  sexy legs  handyman Carpentry  drill  sexy husband  hanging shelves  hot legs  sexy legs  hot handyman

(God, I love those legs!)

…and whether he’s playing peacefully or keeping the peace,

k Engine  dad plays with little one  dad and daughter play trains  Cinderella  Cinderella dress  costume  Cin_  Caribbean  baby pulling hair  baby pulling brother's hair  bandana on head  happy family

up in the sky or under water,

Helicopter flight  helicopter with toddler  Dad and daughter on helicopter flight    Dad and son scuba diving  Caribbean scuba diving  scuba diving  A-ok

dressed up…

     Phillip on the phone  Phillip  Let's Talk radio host  diamond and gold cufflinks  cufflinks  diamonds        Phillip  Let's Talk radio host  dashing man  handsome man  confidence  confident man

dressed down, OR…

 Phillip  Let's Talk host  Tommy Hilfiger  Army hat  Army  4th of July  Dad fixing car  Dad fixing while kids watch  Dad and 2 kids  Phillip  Let's Talk radio host  Phillip in the kitchen  Phillip cooking  Phillip at brunch  kitchen  cooking  brunch

barely dressed…

anca & Phillip  Bianca Tyler  Caribbean  tiki huts  Turks & Caicos  happy couple on beach  Honeymoon  embrace_  

Phillip is funny and

Phillip & Bianca  Country Club  world travel Millennium  England at Millennium  party hats  Bianca and Phillip  Bianca Tyler

Bianca Tyler  Bianca and Phillip  Gala  tuxedo  joyous event   couple gala gala event full length black and white coat spotted coat smiling couple Bianca Tyler black_

2011 Gala  Bianca & Phillip  Let's Talk radio hosts  event  Bianca Tyler  Miss Connecticut summer gala Happy couple  Phillip and Bianca  love  embrace  smiles  joyous couple

great fun to be around.

Bianca and Phillip  party time  gala  having fun  loving embrace  diamond necklace  diamond and sapphire neck_    Motorcycle  Phillip on yellow motorcylce  Triumph motorcycle  English countryside motorcycle    Skiing  Family skiing  Parents and son skiing  ski suits  snow suits  happy family

A wonderful father,

Central Park Horse Carriage  New York City  happy family  huge smiles  smiling family  parents and son - a    Beach house  Father teaches daughter to walk  toddler walking  walking toddler  beach view  water view

an animal lover and protector,

Hugging a dolphin  dolphin hugs  Phillip hugging a dolphin  Phillip  Let's Talk radio host  bandana  warm emb_   Snapping Turtle  huge turtle  saving turtle

a loving husband and great friend to all who know him, I am proud to be his wife, his lifelong partner, his other half.

Bianca & Phillip  married couple  happy couple  sexy embrace  Bianca Tyler  Let's Talk radio hosts               Phillip  Let's Talk radio host  father  great father  amazing husband

Bianca and Phillip  radio station  radio show hosts  Let's Talk radio show

I’m also proud to work together as co-hosts on our Live radio show, “Let’s Talk!” about Life, Love and Parenting archived on this site after each show for your listening convenience.

Batman  Marilyn Monroe  Sherry-Netherland Hotel  Doubles  New York City


The Bright SpotTM bright spot flower – I could not think of a better person to take this life journey with! Take a moment to think of all the reasons you love your special someone and go give that person a big kiss! I’ve just finished this story and am looking for my Batman, my Caped Crusader, my darling to give him a big smooch!  😉 b