Season Two

March 3, 2011 Broadcast

Guests Ken Mysogland, the Director of the Office of Foster Care and Adoption Services for the State of Connecticut Department of Children and Families; Georgette Perimenis, a Stamford attorney with areas of practice in Child Welfare Law, Family Law and Immigration and Naturalization Law.

Topics Covered “Dad’s Life” video on site; New scholarship program from Stamford Ford Lincoln; Anniversary of Stamford Ford Lincoln; Who can and cannot foster; “We want people and families who love kids;” “These are society’s most vulnerable and oppressed kids;” 1-888-Kid Hero; CT Abuse & Neglect Hotline – frightening numbers; Significant need for foster parents in Lower Fairfield County; At least 10-12 placements per month needed between Norwalk & Stamford; Adoption through the DCF; It costs absolutely nothing to foster; Training and licensing is included; Think of the child’s fear – YOU offer love & stability that can change a life; Special co-parenting bonds; Emergency placement foster parents;

“Who Sez That?!?” Only child

February 24, 2011 Broadcast

Guests Brian Meredith and Pastor Drew Williams of World Vision Experience; Rosalind Sedacca, Child-centered Divorce Network.

Topics Covered High school girl turns to our site to help her bullying situation; New scholarship program from Stamford Ford Lincoln; World Vision Experience; Children affected by AIDS; What can WE do about it here in Fairfield County; Fostering a child from Africa; Stirring audio tour exhibit coming to Greenwich; 300 Volunteers needed; ; Free and must reserve time; Many organizations are coming together for this big event; Child-centered Divorce Network; 6 Key messages every child needs to hear when you tell them about divorce; 1. It’s not your fault 2. You are and will be safe 3. Mom and Dad will always be your Mom and Dad 4. Mom and Dad will always love you 5. This is about change, not about blame 6. Things will be okay in the end; Parents need to remain positive role models; Children should never have to take sides – ever! Create-a-storybook guide – a unique approach; Age-appropriate templates; Even with divorce, we are still a family; Handling divorce well; “Do I love my children more than I hate my ex?” After the divorce – entering the dating world; Approaching dating with self-esteem and valuing yourself; Learning the lessons from the past

“Who Sez That?!?” Two-faced toaster!

February 17, 2011 Broadcast

Guests Jennifer S. Wilkov, the Literary Agent Matchmaker; Reid Mihalko, Sex Expert on rekindling desire and empowering your partner.

Topics Covered Marketing platform – “The Book is Your Hook;” How the literary industry has changed; One of the biggest myths; Finding editors, agents and publishers; How busy Moms can self-discipline to get their story out; The Matchmaker’s role;; The wrong way to find an agent; How can partners/parents become more confident in intimacy; What women and men need to do to make intimacy better; Criticism of your partner can be crushing; Learning how to properly give feedback; Creating win-win situations; Empowering your partner; Bolstering self-confidence; Shame and guilt – learning to communicate; Parents are tired; How can couples rekindle desire and love; How fantasies can empower couples

“Who Sez That?!?” “Shiver me timbers!” “Apes on my chest”

February 10, 2011 Broadcast

Guest Ilene Dillon, marriage therapist for 40 years, talks about the 7 Skills of Love; Dr. Jean Daniel Francois, author of Prescription for an Exciting Love Life

Topics Covered Passing of Bianca’s father; Laid to rest on St. Valentine’s Day; How to honor your loved ones who have passed away; How to heal if you have lost someone dear to you; Art of love; 7 Skills of Love – for your partner and vital in parenting; The 7 Skills are: 1. Genuine caring, 2. Responsibility, 3. A desire to get to know and appreciate the other person, 4. Respect, 5. Intimacy, 6. Commitment, 7. Giving; 5 Acceptable lies versus truth on a bad 1st date; Gifts of love; Prescription for an Exciting Love Life; Love – requires time to nurture; Relationships – not 50/50, should be 100/100; Love is important for good health; We are wired to love; To survive, you need to leave unhealthy relationships; Loaded question #1. Preventing infidelity; Values, morals, pride; Loaded question #2. Differences between men and women cheaters; How can busy couples keep their love alive; Online dating; Poofing hair

“Who Sez That?!?” “He’s my idol!” “Are we ‘G’?” “AARG!”

February 3, 2011 Broadcast

Guest Pastor Dave Daye on the effects of technology on relationships, and TS Wiley, author of Lights Out and Sex, Lies and Menopause.

Topics Covered Effects of technology on our relationships; Hair donation; Kindergarten show-n-tell; Welsh train station; Technology hurting marriages; The lure of technology; Pros and cons of Facebook; Dangers of texting; AT&T Don’t Text While Driving documentary; “Being fully present” with your children; Apps to prevent texting while driving; Sleep deprivation; Barometric pressure and sleep; The Little Ice Age; Heart attacks and the difference in men and women; New Year’s diets are not what you think; Expendable parasites; (“What a Ride” quote after the “Who Sez That?!?”)

“Who Sez That?!?” Cast-off clothes

January 27, 2011 Broadcast

Guest Christine Walsh, Managing Partner of Mavens of Marketing on being a stay-at-home working mom; Alex & Richie, Fairfield County teens on our special “Teen Talk!” segment; Pat Montgomery, author, grandmother of 13 speaks to us about The Parenting Plan

Topics Covered Why working works for this mom; Maternal instincts kick in; Entrepreneurial spirit; A stay-at-home working mom; Maintaining expectations; Setting strict working time limits; Balancing family and homelife; The power of a supportive husband; Keeping up with technology and your skill set; Prioritizing and To-Do lists; Inch by Inch – videotape story; Working Mom Guilt syndrome; Recognizing boundaries; Specific parenting style; “Being truly present” with your children; When playing – stop texting!; “Teen Talk!” Finding a mutual interest in film production; “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” school project; Pre-production, editing and scriptwriting; Observing plots and production; Teens’ own music channels; Music selections; Their work goal is to be inspiring; The Parenting Plan; Different religions; Understanding roles of respect; Electronic use and limits; “So what religion are you?” People parenting the way they were parented; “Now listen to me,” “Now don’t listen to me;” “Working” the plan even through divorce; Planning weddings more than the marriage

“Who Sez That?!?” 4 Seasons; Lottery by Birth; School with Honors

January 20, 2011 Broadcast

Guest Jeff, a talented, motivated, highly-spirited Fairfield County teen on focus and ambition; Pat Montgomery, author, entrepreneur and grandmother of 13 talks about the 5 Top Traits to Nurture in Children and Intuition – a Parent’s Best Friend.

Topics Covered The power of supportive parents; Western regionals concert; Natural curiosity for knowledge; Pushing his comfort zone; The eldest of 3 kids; Ice breaker and role model; Researching universities; Advertising, business and music; Hopeful entrepreneur; Persistence and work ethic; Opportunities for children – 5-year-old’s yoga interest; Fueling a child’s interest; Losing 40 pounds; 5 top traits to nurture in a child; Tolerance, truth, industriousness, seeking knowledge, purity; Apologizing to a child – big or small; Role modeling the thirst and love for knowledge; Intuition – a parent’s best friend; Trusting your “gut feeling;” No longer tribal communities; The power of natural instinct; Mom’s advice – “You will know”

“Who Sez That?!?” “You’re so well-preserved!”

January 13, 2011 Broadcast

Guest Camille Spaulding, REACH-Prep Director of Education and Courtney Benitez, alumna of REACH-Prep; Susan Kane, New York mom of two boys discusses issues with homework, motivation and extracurricular sports.

Topics Covered REACH-Prep program; Education opportunities for 4th grade African-American and Latino students; Highly motivated and talented children; Interview and admissions process; A resource for students and their families; A full-family commitment; End-goal for scholars; Homework overload; How to motivate your children; Play and creativity; Art of cursive writing; Mother’s review of Boys Adrift by Dr. Leonard Sax; Finnish study – waiting for Kindergarten; Importance of outdoor play, playgrounds and gym; All-boy schools versus co-ed schools; Prescription drugs and our kids; Egg timers and challenges

“Who Sez That?!?” Miss Connecticut at the Miss America pageant story

January 6, 2011 Broadcast

Guest Doug Skalka, a principal of the firm Neubert, Pepe & Monteith with offices in New Haven, Fairfield and Shelton covered questions about family finances in the New Year, estate planning, trusts and foreclosures.

Topics Covered Foreclosure stats for November 2010; How to make a New Year family financial plan; Reassessing your family and personal finances; Taxes; Family budgeting, expenses & adjustments in spending; Holiday credit card bills; College planning; Emergency fund planning; Estate planning; Wills, trusts, guardians, beneficiaries; Staggered payouts to minors and young adults; UGMA & UTMA accounts; Foreclosure by sale; Strict foreclosures; Short sales

“Who Sez That?!?” Distressed mortgage fund

December 30, 2010 Broadcast

Guest Ilene Dillon, the emotional pro on parenting; Eila Johnson, founder of the Full Plate & Meals in a Snap

Topics Covered Parenting of the future; Conscious parenting; Development of the parent; Growth of the child; Redefining the job of parenting; Guidance and opportunities for children; The emotional pro; What can parents do today to be better role models; Stealing a candy bar; Conscious parenting in action; Healthy food habits in the New Year; Exposing children to a variety of foods; The Rainbow Plate concept; A child’s investment in mealtime

“Who Sez That?!?” “You have the right profile.”

December 23, 2010 Broadcast

Guest Maria Caporale, mother of 2 discusses single parenting and teen communication; Reid Mihalko, a sex expert, talks to couples about communication dynamics and romance

Topics Covered Divorce and single parenting; Truthfulness with your children; Making wise choices; Intensive Care Unit; Living for the moment without regrets; Dating as a single parent; Stability for children take priority; Structure and routine; Communication with teenagers; Speaking openly about issues; The 5 Love Languages; Communication Dynamics; Romance; Happy wife, happy husband…; Categories of romance – “cats” and “dogs;” Reframing arguing in the bedroom; Reassuring your love for your spouse; Honesty and commitment

“Who Sez That?!?” “Why would you even want to…??”

December 16, 2010 Broadcast

Guest Gillian Marchenko, mother of 4 – 2 with Down Syndrome, and Mary Ellen Walsh, founder of The Grateful Dog – teaching kindness to children for animals

Topics Covered Prenatal testing; Down Syndrome; C-Section; Baby in Intensive Care incubator; Adopting a child with Down Syndrome; What to avoid saying to parents with disabled children; Congratulate and encourage, don’t pity; The grieving process of a disability diagnosis; 3-year-old has a stroke and 2 brain surgeries; Moyamoya Disease; Rocky adjustment period for child and parent; Plight of orphans; “Reece’s Rainbow” adoption organization; Pets are a life-long commitment, not just a holiday gift; Teaching children about nurturing, caring and bonding with animals; The Grateful Dog’s Golden Rules; “Behavioral training of the people/people training for dogs;” Bianca’s dog on television; Bianca’s dog walks her down the aisle; Bianca’s upcoming book teaches children kindness and love of animals

“Who Sez That?!?” A holiday story – some people!

December 9, 2010 Broadcast

Guest Tania Grant, co-founder of Pure Play Kids and Laura Ramirez, author of Keepers of the Children: Native American Wisdom and Parenting

Topics Covered Kid-powered toys; Pure Play Kids; creative toys; open-ended toys; husband-wife team; “Creativity Crisis;” preschool built around play; “Creativity Quotient;” correlation of lifetime accomplishment; the building blocks for exploration; the change in the toy market; play value in toys; rise of educational toys; passive absorbers; licensed characters; building self-esteem; teenage brain development; videogame addiction; rating system; set limits and use moderation; positive video game features (after “Who Sez That”)

“Who Sez That?!?” “Hooters and gingerbread!”