Season Three

June 2, 2011 Broadcast
Guests – Davis Aujourd’hui, a retired social worker and author of Babes in Bucksnort; TS Wiley discusses results of a new study on estrogen and breast cancer aggression.

Topics Covered Page views; Intrepid Museum; Visiting Mars; Martians don’t talk; Bucksnort, Tennessee; 11 books in the series; Pronunciation and photo; Social worker for adult needs; Phillip’s look on the website; Yes, it’s obviously Phillip; Positive mental attitude toward healing; Estrogen and progesterone; Vascular effects; The Standard of Care; Estrogen in cream form; Wiley Protocol

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May 26, 2011 Broadcast
Guests – Ilene Dillon, Family Therapist for 40 years and author of 19 books; Lauren Iannucci, Program Specialist of Mothers Against Drunk Driving in Connecticut (MADD of CT)

Topics Covered “Tired” t-shirt; Memorial Day; Given names – “Facebook” and “Like;” Parents not telling gender of newborn; Kids are born energy-draining; Parents teach children to be independent & channel their own energy; Parents’ most effective tack is creating policies; Free e-book offer from Ilene on energy-draining at; Energy-draining usually comes from the person wanting attention; Life, Love & Parenting – “I love this show!” Personal stories of significant people who have died by drunk drivers; Connecticut & national statistics of drunk driving; The biggest problem is accessibility; “The Power of Parents” free handbook;; Answering your kids’ alcohol questions comfortably; Binge drinking, alcohol poisoning, addiction, long-term effects; Average age for 1st drink in Connecticut is 11! News story of the couple hit by a drunk driver, gifts scattered; Significant losses that devastated my life and the families’ lives; Designated drivers – DDs – Andrew explains after Who Sez That

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May 19, 2011 Broadcast
Guests – Vivian Rabin, mother of 5 and co-founder of i-Relaunch discussing moms getting back into the workforce, as well as men and women looking to change careers; Pat Montgomery, host of Parents Rule! and author of The Patriotic Parent: Still the Best Hope for America discusses getting back to our parenting roots.

Topics Covered America, the Beautiful; i-Relaunch; Moms re-entering the workforce; Life-transitioning conferences for men and women; How can folks best prepare to re-enter the workforce; Applying online and not getting a response; Networking is critical; Insert the employer’s keywords for online resumes; My Country Tis of Thee; The Pledge of Allegiance; The National Anthem; The American flag; Speak to your children about the wonderful freedoms in America; Parent immigrants raise the all-American girls; Raising the biggest flagpoles; Choosing role models; Who are your heroes and why; Dad is our hero; Bus driver returns money to Tiffany’s Jewelers; I love singing patriotic songs with my kids; “I love being on your show!”

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May 12, 2011 Broadcast
Guests – Lauren Iannucci, Program Specialist for MADD of CT, Mother’s Against Drunk Driving; Rosalind Sedacca, founder of the Child-Centered Divorce Network

Topics Covered Teen drinking is 28% higher in CT than the national average; Definition of binge drinking; Kids are going to school with hangovers; The developing teen brain and alcohol; Parents need to be conscious of how they portray alcohol; Every 60 seconds, there is an alcohol-related accident; 1 in 5 teens binge drink, 1 in 100 parents believe they do; Parent-teen communication is key; Stamford Ford Lincoln is a huge supporter of MADD; Talk to your children – they do listen; Have clear expectations for your children; Does divorce scar children; Parental Alienation; Emotional burden children can’t handle; Children harbor guilt and can get confused; Adult perspective from past divorce; Can’t boil an egg; Divorce coaching; “Do I love my children more than I hate my ex;” In the future, will your children respect you or resent you; Phillip – how you handle circumstances is a measure of character

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May 5, 2011 Broadcast

Guests Dena Blum-Rothman, ISR (Infant Swimming Resource) Instructor teaches how to drown-proof your baby, toddler or young child; Dr. Michelle Anthony talks about programs for gifted children and the challenges they and their parents face.

Topics Covered Maggie’s Mom; Mother’s Day; Faithfulness; A child can drown in 1 inch of water; to view video; ISR – Infant Swimming Resource; Self-survival skills for 6-months-old to 6 years-old; Long-term muscle memory; Under 1 year of age, common drowning – tubs, buckets, toilets; Ages 1 – 4, common drowning – residential pools; Children fall into water silently; Critical water advice for parents; “CEO” of your child – “Constant-Eyes-On;” Dinner & diets – date night; When should gifted programs begin; Multiple testing and portfolios; Parent advocacy; MAP Tests – Measure of Academic Progress; Why gifted children may avoid challenges; Motivating gifted children; “Differentiation” in school is key; “Uneven Developmental Profile;” IQ Screening – neuropsychologists ; Mensa & Montessori; Gifted children highly dramatic and empathetic

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April 28, 2011 Broadcast

Guests Arthur White, Founder of CLICC – Connecting through Literacy Incarcerated Parents, Children and Caregivers; Lisa Shklovsky, Project Director of CLICC; Liz Solovay, founder and owner of The Lice Treatment Center.

Topics Covered President Clinton asks Mr. White to create a program to help inmates; Incarcerated moms bonding with their children through literacy; Non-profit, funding, evaluation; Mentors are integral to the process; All mentors are trained and volunteer; Family Services America; RIF – Reading is Fundamental – give away 10 million books annually;; Lice – active in schools, camps, movies, sporting helmets, anywhere; 6-12 million reported cases per year; Lice occurs all seasons; Why the eggs shake; Why some schools are more susceptible than others; Prevention tips;; Stages of lice

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April 21, 2011 Broadcast

Guests– Lynette Louise, mother of 8 – 5 disabled, 4 with autism – speaks to us during Autism Awareness Month, author of Miracles are Made: A Real Life Guide to Autism; Dr. Michelle Anthony, author of Little Girls Can Be Mean: Four Steps to Bully-proof Girls in the Early Grades discusses preparing a 1st child for the arrival of a 2nd child.

Topics Covered Dog hybrids – Puggles, Morkies and more; Neurofeedback for autistic kids; Took her 8 kids on a prison tour around US & Canada; Married 5 times; Jeff book; Sensors on children’s heads; Teaching within homes; “See the normal child with autism;” Make bigger the parts that are working; How our son welcomes the baby; Feeling “promoted,” not “demoted;” Gifts for the older children; When should you tell your child you’re pregnant; Sense of connection; Role and place in the family; Transitioning into the new role; Discipline issues; 2 candles have equal flames; How to avoid resentment; Preventing regression

“Who Sez That?!?” “You clean up well!”

April 14, 2011 Broadcast

Guests Ilene Dillon, marriage and family therapist for over 40 years teaches us about handling anger in children; Reid Mihalko, sex expert helping parents/couples with greater self-confidence in their intimate relationships, discusses rekindling desire and handling jealousy.

Topics Covered Emotions – the tone is set in the 1st 7 years; Emotions are signals; Handling anger and emotions in children; “I let out my emotions;” “Phillip is just cross;” Children get to process and choose their model; “I’m on real radio;” Broken arms and the lesson of forgiveness; “I love being on your show;” Brain chemistry of love; Co-creation of your deeper relationship; Scheduling intimacy; Communication must flow to rebuild desire; Knowing your jealousy triggers; 8 Arms of Jealousy: control, insecurity, fear of loss, rejection, loneliness, fairness, inferiority, scarcity

“Who Sez That?!?” Campers, bus trip and Egypt

April 7, 2011 Broadcast

Guests Youngest guest ever, a 5-year-old, to talk to us on our “ChitChat with Children” segment; and 2 high schoolers discuss topics of the day on “Teen Talk!”

Topics Covered Kitten; Trains; Beluga whale; Bibbiti Bobbiti Boutique; Kindergarten; Stellaluna; Cuddlies; Whale shark; Joy Story solo; Teens helping parents get a grip; “Dumbing down” of our society; Computer access; Bullying in school; Formspring & Cyberbullying; School & peer pressure; Teens discuss their view on gay marriage; High school Names’ Day program; Money management

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March 31, 2011 Broadcast

Guests JD Borgman of Ubuntu Partners, a Fairfield County native who settled in South Africa as a missionary with his family and works with 26 orphans and HIV sufferers; Dr. Michelle Anthony speaks on helping our children learn to read.

Topics Covered JD’s life from Fairfield County to South Africa; Young Life organization; JD’s life-changing journey; Tragedy in Vietnam; Ubuntu Partners; 26 orphaned children; JD: “Restoration of my soul;” HIV percentages and pregnant teens & women; Child grants for mothers; A human tsunami; Dr. Michelle Anthony; Disney & Dolphins; Loud purring cat & Purr; The right age to start reading; Children decoding the print around them; Reading in utero since 18 weeks; Steps to learn to read & building confidence; Nutcracker; Pen-reading systems; “Walk, talk, thumb”

March 24, 2011 Broadcast

Guests Jackie Jacobs, Director of Music Together of Fairfield County, Chris Burlingame, Certified Music Together Instructor, discuss importance of early childhood music development; and author Laura Ramirez defines emotional intelligence and how parents can cultivate emotional maturity in their kids.

Topics Covered Stamford Ford Lincoln’s 2nd anniversary; Importance of early childhood music development; Enhancing a child’s learning abilities; Research-based children’s program; Tonal patterns and harmonic function; Resting tone; “ABCD” outreach program – Action for Bridgeport Community Development; Mom, Dad, teen, tot & grandparent make music together; Emotional Intelligence; Navigating your emotional world; Cultivating emotional maturity in children; Emotional Quotient; Common mistakes of not teaching emotions; Handling children’s anger and crying; Developing your child’s strengths

“Who Sez That?!?” “We’re making a baby, remember!”

March 17, 2011 Broadcast

Guests Attorney Phillip Cohn & Dr. Brett Denkin speak about Parent-Child Rights and Special Education Rights; Rosalind Sedacca, Founder of Child-Centered Divorce Network speaks on life after divorce

Topics Covered St. Patrick’s Day; Parent-Child Rights; Special education rights; 1 Millionth page view on ; PPT tests; IDEA entitlement statute; Child-Centered Divorce Network ; Life after divorce; Self-esteem and deep self-evaluation; It’s not your partner’s job to complete you; Where to meet a person you’re attracted to; Warning signs of abuse in a relationship; Are you “settling”

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March 10, 2011 Broadcast

Guests Doug Skalka, a principal of the firm Neubert, Pepe & Monteith with offices in New Haven, Fairfield and Shelton covered questions about starting a new business, family finances, and options if a business is struggling.

Topics Covered Setting up a new business; S-Corp versus LLC; Overleveraging your business; Unemployment benefits; Franchises; Bank loans; Options if the business is struggling; nears 1 million page views; The Bright Spot; 5-month-old’s eye cancer & chemotherapy; Family portrait; 1st Telephone; Son’s beach text to girlfriend; “Couples Talk!” & communication; 10 Quirky facts about kissing

“Who Sez That?!?” “Did I date your daughter?”