Season Six

March 1, 2012 Broadcast

Guests Media Guru Christie Crowder talks about how she survived her 30-Day Digital Sabbatical and why she took it in the 1st place; Wanda McGuire, addiction counselor and author of The Progression Tree – Co-dependency: a Family Disease, opens up about a very personal, painful look at her experience with co-dependency, how she conquered it and helps other.
Topics Covered – waaaahhhhh!!!! Media Guru ditches corporate for a social media career path; Virtual certificate – “virtual – print it yourself!” Certified social media consultant – yes, certified; HootSuite; Twitter, tweeting, blogging, Facebook, hashtags; …And voicemail, e-mail; Phillip: Twitter’s fast…so am I! Followers, following, lists, groups, engagement tools; Hashtagging to track a conversation; Phillip: “Twitter is female!” Bianca: “Why, Phill, because it’s quick??” Phillip: “Would you like some milk with that comment?” Christie: “Clearly, Phillip is overwhelmed” LOL! 30-Day Digital Sabbatical; How social media saved Christie’s life and then consumed her life; Why a sabbatical and not a hiatus; Did she “cheat” on her sabbatical; The Progression Tree – Co-dependency: a Family Disease; Dysfunctional family behavior affecting their children; Co-dependency as an addiction; Why Wanda gave her book two titles with equal billing; Her husband was addicted to alcohol; Wanda was addicted to her dream of a wonderful life; They were a typical addicted/co-dependent couple; Despite the addictions, Wanda’s says her husband was her soul mate; Wanda had a daughter and son and talks about genetics and addiction; “Go away, closer” – “Come and sit here, I didn’t like you anyway!” Creating the future co-dependents and addicts; Wanting a relationship, folks are on their best behavior in the beginning; The children become pleasers to feel comfort themselves; “I still love Bill and I always will;” “I didn’t leave when I should have;” Bianca: “You have become a lifesaver through these experiences to help other people and their children;” The Progression Tree is available at, and;

“Who Sez That?!?” Sneezing on the spatula at the restaurant

February 23, 2012 Broadcast

Guests Hermine Steinberg, author of The Co-Walkers, Awakening joins us to discuss teaching children/teens about love in healthy ways; Laura Ramirez, author of Keepers of the Children: Native American Wisdom & Parenting will be on to talk about what Native Americans mean when they refer to children as “turquoise” and how this can affect your parenting style.
Topics Covered “Good Morning, Vietnam!” from the reserved Englishman; Pulse – launching the Shopping Heartbeat of America; 3.2 Million page views in less than 18 months; EmFinders – 100th rescue – thank God! 1st learning about relationships starts at birth; People who genuinely love each other encourage their loved ones to succeed; Trust – Phillip wanted to add something…Avoid gossip with honesty and trust; In our culture, when jealousy is portrayed as love, it confuses our children/teens; What is intimacy really…the closeness of being with friends and people you truly respect and love; Teens – status, power, the need and want to be recognized; A disconnect between sexual behavior and emotion – especially for teens; Survey of more than 1,000 teens – confused about sex and intimacy – they get so many mixed messages especially in the media; Lower self-esteem is often linked to early teen sex; How a child is like a piece of “turquoise;” Polish the turquoise until its unique beauty comes to life; Taking us to a higher level of parenting; Seeing and encouraging the full expression of your child’s nature; Group consciousness & unique gifts within the tribe; Focusing more on the child’s nature than on their behavior; Montessori philosophy; Child-led experiences: magic on the journey; Wings – on; Spiritual development in our children and ourselves; We are all born with something special in our lives & how we can share it; Just because flowers – I love you, Mom
“Who Sez That?!?” Skiing with kids, taking the nanny

February 16, 2012 Broadcast

Guests Muneeza Ahmed, mother of 2 and co-founder of Mamalution, the revolution of mothers delivering superfoods to their children, talks about Attachment Parenting; Betsy Brown Braun, bestselling author of You’re Not the Boss of Me: Brat-proofing Your 4 – 12 Year Old Child, discusses Cultivating Gratitude in Children.
Topics Covered Attachment Parenting and Conscious Parenting; Children behave according to what is expected of them, even when it’s silent; “Energetic” communication; Trust your children – guide, teach, nurture toward instinctual growth; I don’t believe in letting children “cry it out;” Parenting classes, in Europe – classes to make an egg! Listen to your heart; Child crying in a stroller, pick up your child! Newborns crying for even a minute – babies have no concept of time; They will cry less because you are fulfilling all of those needs; We went months without the baby ever crying; Eating well, eating healthfully; Earthing technology and grounding sheets; The only species wearing shoes; The kitty litter?!? New York City; Positive and negative ions, you can be on the second floor of your house; Phillip’s so sexy with his bracelet; he wasn’t even here for Valentine’s Day; Sheets with grounding wires; Grounded flip flops; Attachment Parenting – Muneeza’s husband sleeps in the other room; Ford is our Title Sponsor! New Grandson is named Ford! Children are born with a great capacity for gratitude and empathy; When children are entitled and too enabled; Affluenza – Betsy Brown Braun; How parents sabotage the cultivating of gratitude; Helping our children understand the difference between wants and needs; The difference between gratitude and appreciation; The father who paid his 7 year old to behave at the dinner table; He just learned that he gets paid to misbehave; Counting your blessings out loud will make you feel more grateful; It can change your mood, make you feel wonderful and turn your day around.
“Who Sez That?!?” Mother of the Bride doesn’t recognize her own photo
(Phillip comes in early from San Francisco, my e-mails of gratitude for that day)

February 9, 2012 Broadcast

Guests Dr. Michelle Anthony, author of Little Girls Can Be Mean: 4 Steps to Bully-proof Girls in the Early Grades, talks about bullying in Kindergarten & 1st grade, school administrators’ jobs to remedy it, legal issues, and more; Pat Montgomery, nurse, author of Now You Know What I Know and The Patriot Parent, and grandmother of 14, talks about the how and why of forgiveness.
Topics Covered What can parents do if your child is bullied; Not only the parents, the school’s job is also to protect your child; Document everything – pictures, letters, video, record your child’s story; Often times teachers aren’t aware, it happens in the hall, playground, cafeteria; Moving classrooms for art, music, media, in transit, so teacher isn’t aware; Kids move like bumblebees in the room; One teacher to 21 kids; my sister’s classroom – 34 kids to one teacher (her); They can switch kids in a classroom, hesitant during year; Parents can request their child is NOT put in class with the bully next year; “Boys will be boys” is no longer acceptable; Document everything! For principal, superintendent, school board, media; Your child’s physical/emotional safety is paramount; RTI meeting – Response to Intervention meeting, usually for kids with academic problems; Any parent has a right to ask for an RTI if their child is limited to learn; The school has to respond, the school has to set it up within a period from written request; Legal chain, what is your state’s laws; Biting is worse than punching or hitting! It’s a health concern! You bring up CDC, hygiene, health concerns; Get doctor’s notes, as much documentation as possible; Therapists, medical doctors, even the child’s own rendition, exact recounting of situation; Have as much paper and visuals as possible; What’s being put in place to protect my child? What if the attacker has been labeled with special needs ; Feels like the bully has a protection bubble and the target is being told to cope; THERE’S NO DISABLITY THAT ALLOWS AGGRESSION TOWARD ANOTHER CHILD; When a student crosses the line with physical aggression and actually puts their hands on another student, there is NO justification under any law that allows a special needs child or any child to physically hurt your child; With physical aggression, there is no special needs umbrella to protect a special needs child who has physically harmed another child – it does become the school’s responsibility to protect the hurt child and if that means the school has to have a one-on-one aid with that person who’s going to be physically present at every moment to prevent something like that if the child really has impulse control issues and isn’t able to control themselves by some legitimate medical condition, it’s still the schools obligation to keep the school’s population of students that it teaches safe; If the child cannot control his impulses, all of our children are at risk; it’s the school’s responsibility to keep all of its members safe, including this child, because the child isn’t acting safely if they’re acting out in that way; You cannot learn if you are in an out-of-control, explosive, impulsive state (neither the attacker nor the children in fear can learn in this environment!) It is the school’s responsibility to make sure that child is learning; As the parents of the child being hurt, you can say, “Look, this child’s behavior is impacting my child’s learning, the learning of the children around, and his own learning. We come to school to learn, therefore, the school has an obligation here. It’s not about bumps in the road and it’s not about being patient and being understanding, it’s about making sure that child is safe and able to learn and my child is safe and able to learn.” How can a child defend him/herself? Enabling a child to find a place that’s safe and to be with people with whom they feel safe – you need “islands” – if that’s a teacher, if that’s a different teacher, if that’s a school counselor, if the child needs a buddy to go to school lunch with, the adults need to build islands of safety where this child can re-connect with learning and be able to experience the positive nature of school again; 14th grandchild – “Do they not have television where you live??” We all have birthdays, “And I’m going to be 36” with your 14 grandkids; When people stay rooted in the past and can’t forgive and forget; Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan; People who’ve hurt you probably don’t even think of you anymore; It’s up to you to forgive and then forget it; You always have a choice to forgive; What if you tell someone you forgive them and they don’t care; The tires – “I love you guys!” Phillip tells the story about the Pastor and forgiveness; You did what, you said what, what did you do? Good thing this isn’t TV…Don’t talk negatively to yourself, view yourself higher for better self confidence; I have an ex-husband, “OMG, how many grandchildren would you have if…” Harboring bad feelings and replaying the tape with a new relationship; Pat feels her kids are much better parents than she was, but she taught them that! Who is the most important person to forgive.
“Who Sez That?!?” Mother of 3 boys had to save ALL receipts checked by husband every night for 20 years!

February 2, 2012 Broadcast

Guests Gregory Evans, the President and CEO of National talks about Cyberbullying, different ways to monitor what your child is doing on the Internet, and what to do if your child is a victim of cyberbullying. Jane Fendelman, a teacher & family therapist talks about how ballroom dancing can build romance and why she believes ballroom dancing is one of the absolute BEST hobbies for couples – the answers might surprise you!
Topics Covered Our kitten turned one and we had a big family birthday party with pancakes; “It was January 22nd, but what’s your point?” We have a 20-year-old; Gregory’s birthday and his dog’s birthday, and my birthday and our cat’s birthday; Colored pancakes and doggie treats, have a party, celebrate; The baby seal hunt images on the Internet; “Spyware is your friend” – to help monitor your children’s Internet use; Don’t have new dates meet you at your house; Google him/her, Facebook to see if mutual friends, do not get in his car; The date that stole the woman’s car at the movies; Verify if he/she goes to a certain school or works where he/she says; “A Parent’s Promise” – quote from Facebook; Have the GPS “on” on your phone especially if you go on a new date; Posting photos to your Facebook page, turn off the Geotag on your system; “You’ve got to have me on this show longer, I like this show!” The time zone confusion, Arizona doesn’t change, different with seasons; Ballroom Dancing for a closer relationship, “I think this was a set-up;” Phillip is an amazing dancer! How ballroom dancing helps your brain, cooperation, learning boundaries; Romantic – the man is the picture frame and the woman is the beautiful picture; Man holds the woman – “It’s romantic, I love it!” When a man opens a door – “You had a good mother;” Pregnant woman with the hamburger and handholding husband; I think women our age got over it; Phillip: “Speaking…” Phillip stands up to be courteous and the woman thought he had to go to bathroom; Our 1st night set-up, “I’m going to marry that man!” “I know.” I didn’t shave, he was hot! “In walks this beautiful woman…and Bianca” LOL! Tea, cheese, biscuits, played the guitar for me, hello!?! “Where do I sign?” Saw each other 46 days, “Does she even have a boyfriend right now?” “OMG! He’s a great dancer!” Together! “Stupid together!” Silly, goofy stuff at “blank” age; “Oh, stop it, the teacher dances with you;” “Let’s go ballroom dancing, Phillip!” “I have to lose weight first;” We can flip? Phillip “I’m intrigued, I can make a decision and stick to it;” Bianca “Strong women are feminine and confident and do not fear man leading;” Sensual and strong and confident, “We understand what you’re saying, Baby;” “We are keeping this planet going, sustaining life;” I love that Phillip can do things I can’t do, vice versa, makes us whole.
“Who Sez That?!?” Grandparents moving but have to live 30 miles away, odd reading

January 26, 2012 Broadcast

Guests Ellen Swan, Director of Parenting in Action, joins us to teach parents how we can help our children manage stress; Dr. Ralph Nunez, the president and CEO of the Institute for Children, Poverty, and Homelessness, talks about the plight of homeless children in America.
Topics Covered 3 Million page views and counting because of you, thank you all!! Sledding with our little one, great joy, children keep you young; A great stress-buster is outdoor play and exercise; Parental expectations put children under great stress; Accept your children as they are; Yes, have a certain amount of expectation but overdoing it causes them to act out; Children are now overscheduled and in team sports as young as 5; Young people are now constantly “plugged in” and have no time to just play; Big Wheel – the way we used to roll! Children are so scheduled they often don’t know what to do without being told; Imaginative play, children thrive with pretend play; Ways to determine if children are stressed including babies and toddlers; Multiple caregivers, daycare, moving from person to person; Peer expectations and parental expectations have heightened in the 21st Century; Children are withdrawing, uncontrolled crying, unsettled sleeping patterns; Eating patterns change, eating disorders are showing up in boys now; Secluding themselves, not wanting to engage even in their family life; Sleep deprivation contributes to eating disorders; As parents, truly listen to your children and put yourself into their shoes; Remember your body language when you talk to your kids including facial expressions; Ways children can show their emotions, even anger, without being judged; Younger kids who are feeling anger can run it out, or do relaxation exercises; Middle school and high school kids can write in journals or exercise; We use art for youngsters to express their emotions when exercise and relaxation; Children, homelessness, poverty; Poverty in the suburbs, well-educated people are in shelters now, too; The new notched-down generation; Children in shelters have major educational setbacks because of so many moves; Connecticut stats; The new face of homeless families; My 1st experience with homeless families when I was in my young 20s; What can we do to help; Volunteer, museum trips, pumpkin picking, no play dates for the children in shelters; Shelters are the new communities for families; 1 million homeless kids are in the public school system; Another 1 million homeless kids under age of 6 soon to enter the public school system; The “Hidden Homeless” – who are they, how can we help? The role of business;; A Shelter is Not a Home…Or Is It? There is good news – 50% of families who end up in shelters get back on their feet; A children’s issue that’s growing nationwide, worldwide
“Who Sez That?!?” “You have a nice profile…” “Was he logged on yet?”

January 19, 2012 Broadcast

Guests Early Education Consultant and Psychologist, Cindy Bess, joins us in the studio to talk about Child Development and her advice on the best approach to parenting; and one of America’s Foremost Child Behavior Experts, Dr. Bryan Post, founder of the Post Institute, talks to us about the bonding hormone, Oxy-to-cin, and tells what kind of parenting techniques trigger it.
Topics Covered Phillip’s the top story with milestone birthday; “I was feeling a little poignant…” “A little pregnant!?!” Just finished our holiday cards, starting 2012; Jumping around with our 6 year old, pulled out my neck; “You need a good old cheeseburger!” “Thank you, Darling, you were right” – “I’ve got that recorded!” Facets of childhood; Personality versus temperament; I’d love to have 8 kids, we had “easy babies;” Colicky babies, vulnerable parents, emotional time; Slow-to-warm babies need more time; The most important factors of raising kids; Be present in the moment, put the handhelds down! Be there – it flies by – our son will be 20 in 2 weeks; We are so lucky we didn’t have our parents on the phones picking us up; It’s going to be a whole new type of generation, true communication is harder; 3 types of parenting styles – Authoritarian, Permissive, Authoritative; “The Fighter” – movie with Mark Wahlberg; Breaking trust and bonds with hitting; Children should be given clear expectations and talk to them; Learned from my father to become independent; 3 stages for love; Rod Stewart’s thoughts on love; Gooey love! Gooey love right now, Phillip’s voice and outgoing message gives me goose bumps; Oxytocin in action – at its best; Intimate time between mother and baby during nursing; Dr. Paul J. Zak, Dr. Love; Basic necessities and teaching our children how to release oxytocin; Orphanages & children with diminished oxytocin responses; How a parent can trigger Oxytocin response; Teen defiance, rebellion, stress in the parent-child relationship; And more understanding between teen peers; Oxytocin – teens don’t think, clouds your brain; 2 inches of snow, stayed home, Oxytocin was to blame; Time-outs and other consequences; Phillip – “I take my own timeout;” Timeouts – the antithesis is a Time-In – a child needs a hug, create a relationship; Bianca – 100% agrees with that, never had done a Time-Out; Kumbaya! We should all get together and just hug! Ice under the tire story; Eat a bowl of ice cream; Oxytocin Factor – a supplement for a natural trigger for the hormone response
“Who Sez That?!?” Candy drawer in the fridge at the home of a nutritionist – like a Halloween tub every day

January 12, 2012 Broadcast

Guests Marriage and relationship therapist, Trevor Crow, talks about how we, as humans, are actually wired to be together; Howard Binkow, author of the Howard B. Wigglebottom children’s series on bullying, self-esteem, learning listening skills, etc.
Topics Covered Phillip’s the top story with milestone birthday; I’m just working on holiday cards now; All the birthdays, holidays and surprise party – all in 10 days; I gave myself a pardon – advice from my friend who has 10 children; Constant dinner, I’m done, done, done; Trevor says we are so in synch, lovely rhythm, hold eye contact and in tune; We are wired to be together, heartbeats synchs up; Love is the antidote to depression; We synch-up in our dreams; What attachment styles are; What makes a happy marriage; Matchmaking; Chiropractor nagging story, “I really care for you;” Clicking his fingernails; Why some couples just can’t get along; Being vulnerable and authentic; Therapist says, “Come in before the relationship is off the tracks;” Why do some people feel alone when they are in a relationship; Living like roommates and start living parallel lives; We have each other’s back and protect one another, caring about each other;; The difference with listening, hearing and paying attention; Lessons and posters, questions for parents to open conversations with kids; “Are you listening, Phill?” What percentage are words, tonality, body language, vocal cue; With all this technology, no one’s paying attention – Phill’s always in trouble; Howard B. Wigglebottom is a bunny who learns lessons on important subjects; The books are animated online for free; Bullying – “Be Brave, Be Bold, The Teacher Must be Told!” B to P – (song brings him back) “But you can’t remember what I said last week;” Educational, non-violent games; Anger management, how a 4 year old can deal with heavier emotions; All books are teacher and therapist endorsed; Phillip not listening – Mud & Rainbows, cutting Phill a break; Promoting the snowblower; The songs help get discussions going with their children; Plenty of resources on the site, the best thing to do about bullying; Tattling versus telling; Bullying – all too often, hundreds of kids observe and no one does anything; How to disempower the bully; P to B – You are still so amazed at the Who Sez That each week
“Who Sez That?!?” Bathe all 3 little kids together and use the bucket to flush

January 5, 2012 Broadcast

Guests Karen & Kevin Brown, founders/owners of the Hudson Barter Exchange; Tom Griesel, co-author and co-developer of the TurboCharged program.
Topics Covered Visitors from Europe leave at midnight; Top of the Empire State Building – 3 people in line because it was freezing; Blog story from my heart – tribute for Phillip’s birthday; Phillip’s birthday, Mom’s birthday, sister’s birthday, holidays, visitors; Milestone birthday; Phillip’s snoring – “But I’m not even logged on…” CEO – “Cashless Exchange Operator;” Barter in the “pot” so one gets short-changed; Extra business for you as a business owner without using/getting cash; Business breeds business, in this case, using barter dollars; Maximizing the use of your asset; Turks and Caicos – are we going on a trip; Are you mentally 17 LOL?? Bianca’s experience with TurboCharged; Exercise for 15 seconds or 30 seconds; “I have a feeling this interview is going to go into a different direction;” “I think you’re doing it wrong…” Mini-minute strength training; Static weight training; Losing lean body mass; Early humans needed lean muscle to survive; “So I become moody because I lose fat, well, there you go, Phill;” Phillip’s snoring and my chocolate desires
“Who Sez That?!?” Making the bed with her husband still in it!
Story about Phillip’s birthday on the website

December 29, 2011 Broadcast

Guests Marji Lipshez-Shapiro, Associate Director of the Anti-Defamation League in CT, and the founder of “Names Can Really Hurt Us,” reaching more than 100,000 Connecticut students to date, will teach all of us about bullying and what we can do as parents to protect our kids!!
Topics Covered Miles of Smiles campaign at Stamford Ford Lincoln, 212 Magee Avenue; Thank you to all those who made this campaign successful; Birthday week and holiday week for our family; Definitions of bullying scenarios; Perpetrator, Target, Bystander, Ally; Power and intent; Why schools encourage parents not to talk to the parents of bullies; Kids and teens want parents to parent and set boundaries; Facebook – closing down accounts when teens are bullied; Term – target, not victim – a victim feels helpless, a target seeks help; Locker room bullying incident; How the target and the bystander were affected; What the Anti-Defamation League says bystanders should do; “Names Can Really Hurt Us” program; Cyberbullying & FormSpring; Cyberbullying is 24/7; Kids who used to be bullied could go home and decompress; “Frenemies;” Kids – digital natives, Adults – digital immigrants; Current stat – 80% of children 5 & under are on the Internet; The baby seal hunt; Current stat – 5 million kids under the age of 10 have a Facebook page; Our teen “friends” Phillip on Facebook; Sexting; Colleges & employers are checking Facebook pages; New “www” – the “Whole World is Watching;” “Oh, he really loves me” – teens sexting pictures of themselves; Felony charge – underage sexting of pics to older recipients; “The Basket” in our kitchen – we’re going to talk at dinnertime; People are becoming addicted to technology; Relational bullying – usually between girls, exclusion; Words are powerful; The Responsive Classroom; Non-verbal skills to protect yourself/your child; The Telling Tree; Teach children Telling and Tattling are different; Tattling is to cause trouble; Telling is to help you or another person
“Who Sez That?!?” “You are so homely”
Recap: Stamford Ford Lincoln’s Miles of Smiles–successful campaign, thank you! all!

December 15, 2011 Broadcast

Casi McLean, author of The Wingless Butterfly found out later in life that she was conceived in rape and her biological father was a pedophile. She also found out she has 5 siblings. This mother of 2 now gives motivational lectures to help empower people to let go of their past and pursue their dreams! Stacey Battat, editor of the Thin Threads series, and Joy Rose, president of Mamapalooza, Inc., discuss the latest edition of Thin Threads – Life Changing Moments of Moms & Grandmas, the impact our mothers have on us growing up and how a close bond can form in later years even if it wasn’t always the way you dreamed or expected. Very inspiring!
Topics Covered Miles of Smiles campaign at Stamford Ford Lincoln, 212 Magee Avenue; Someone put a toy into the F-150 truck and then bought the vehicle! Casi has no memory before 6 years old and many nightmares; Casi’s sister has no memory before 12 years old; Her 1st husband was engaged to 2 women; She plans the divorce 6 months later; Low self-esteem and suppressed memories; The mother warns her not to look for her biological father ever; Casi finds out she has 5 siblings; Her mother ran for years with the girls to get away from him; “You are what you believe you are;” “I chose the ones who dated me, I never went after my dreams;” How I beat the bully in the mirror – she was beating herself down; Did you ever confront your biological father? Casi is grateful to be able to help people now because of this tragedy; How Casi tells her stepfather about having searched for her biological dad; The mother had never told the stepfather about the rape; The mother had grown up in a Quaker home, she was very sheltered, quiet; How did you make sure your boys grew up with confidence? Overcompensation; One son had great self-esteem, the other fell into drugs; The mother needed to model what she was preaching; What Casi believes is the biggest obstacle in life; Pursing dreams; Tips to encourage your child and give them confidence; The Thin Threads series; Museum of Motherhood, East 84th Street, NYC; How motherhood has evolved; Midwifery versus medical birthing; The culture of women and mothers; Joy Rose – Westport native; Knowledge is power; Instinctual joy in mothering; Facebook quote on mothers passing around this week; Lessons in Thin Threads; Great age range, reflective and inspirational; “Even if you can’t say it, you can pray it,” Joy Rose; Our teen enjoys hanging out with us – open communication; Be present – stop and listen to your children; Put down your handhelds when you are with your children; “My Mom and the Grateful Dead;” Pink Floyd concert in Long Island; When your mother isn’t what you had hoped she would be; Joy Rose grows with her mother in the later years and makes it positive; There’s always hope to connect or re-connect; Lovefest, hoping and praying;
“Who Sez That?!?” …We didn’t want to live all the way out here with the hicks
Recap: Miles of Smiles campaign, Dominic Franchella is a wonderful, dedicated parent

December 8, 2011 Broadcast

Guests Doug Skalka, a principal of the firm Neubert, Pepe & Monteith talks about year-end family financial organizing, credit card debt, bankruptcy and foreclosures and even starting a new business; Rosalind Sedacca, author of 99 Things You Wish You Knew Before Dating After 40, 50 & YES, 60! talks about “Dating Rescue!”
Topics Covered Miles of Smiles campaign at Stamford Ford Lincoln, 212 Magee Avenue; Listener e-mail – credit card question; Foreclosure process; Court-mandated mediation process; Mortgages and real estate taxes; Visitors from England; “I wasn’t going to say how old she was!” “Your mother listens every week;” Divorced after 25 years; Met someone online; One wants to take it to a higher level; Commiserate with Hagen Dazs & popcorn; “I’m going to New York and on a date;” All of a sudden she looked really good; “Stop giving out everyone’s age on the air!” “Of course, he can join you and visit us;” Fears women have as they get older and enter the dating field again; Men and women prepare differently for dating in later years; “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder;” Online services for dating after long-term relationships; Passion and intimacy – definitely different for men and women; Phillip and I didn’t play games, very open and honest; We only saw each other 46 days before we married; Free dating tip sheet; Warning signs for abuse in a relationship; Don’t fall for drama, most of the time your relationship should be fun; How children should be brought into the picture; Make sure you know this new person well before introducing; Children really get attached to people, make sure s/he treats them respectfully
“Who Sez That?!?” “We’re shopping for the maid’s baby!”
Recap: Miles of Smiles campaign

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