Season Seven

May 31, 2012 Broadcast

Guests Marriage & family therapist, Trevor Crow, joins us in the studio to discuss family dynamics & new stages in life. Graduations are underway and very exciting for the grads, but how do parents feel as they adapt to the loss of the “family unit” as they know it. Pat Montgomery, award-winning author of Now You Know What I Know: Parenting Wisdom of a Grandmother, nurse, and grandmother of 14 joins us to talk about The Empty Nest. She explains how and when parents should start to prepare, what a helicopter parent is, and how to “refluff” your nest!
Topics Covered Excuse any “phhheeeuuufffffs,” it’s probably Bianca and her bad cold (Day 12); Phillip – but she can still talk! Don’t need to say 2 LLs in Phillip; Trevor – this woman looks gorgeous – you can visit any time! I never realized in my new stages that my parents could be sad I left; YOLO – you only live once; 20-year-old sound board operator; Let me turn to the older gentleman to my right, do you know this, Honey? Our job is to make ourselves insignificant; Cath’s theory of teens leaving the home & helping the separation from parents; …and they actually shower; The Bittersweet story – going off to Kindergarten; They’re happy and we’re sad when we turn around; Oh, Phill, did you want to say something, we’re going to have a game of cards; Is my big brother going to leave – no, he’ll need money 1st; Ripple effect in the family as the unit as we know it changes and shifts; If Bianca had her way, she would take in all the children; How can a stay-at-home mom cope when the kids all leave; Can’t wait to be grandparents; Semester at Sea; “B, you can always come home;” Grandmother of 14 – don’t you have cable? She won’t stop talking – you guys are so funny, I love you guys! When they get married, they have replaced me – this is so sad, Pat! Story of my Mom stepping aside; What my Mom did on our 1st marital tiff; Your mother was so wise! Frying onions – then turned away again; Phillip – “I’m so glad this is on tape;” Pat – “This tape will be destroyed at the end of the show;” Nurture your marital relationship, not in love with their spouse anymore; “Courageous” movie; It’s on the calendar, you’re going to enjoy it; Marriage advice from our 7 year old; Make sure you have a date with your husband every week; Phillip and I have our date night every week; What is worse than your child leaving home? (aaaahhhh, Pat, thaat’s good!); Introducing Pat & Trevor; “Oh, he can stay home;” Pat disappears from air, she passed out from that question! Trevor, what do you think about the 40 billion dollars; He has to invite you; You have to stay out of his fights; Helicopter parents are hovering parents; Mother moves into dorm. WHAT!!!! This mother is not living her own life; This starts when children are 2 – you have to let them fall down and get up; Coping mechanisms; At your age, you’re much older than you used to be, cold will linger
“Who Sez That?!?” Dumpster Love!

May 24, 2012 2012 Broadcast

Guests Laura Ramirez, author of Keepers of the Children: Native American Wisdom & Parenting, joins us to talk about Why Punishment Can Actually Backfire. She discusses appropriate behavior, discipline versus punishment, and real consequences. Jane Fendelman, educator & counselor, talks about what’s on the minds of so many parents these days – too much homework? She discusses why there is an epidemic of children being diagnosed & drugged for ADD & ADHD around the onset of too much homework!
Topics Covered Bianca doesn’t have her normal pep – a bad cold; Armed with toilet paper – Kleenex with Vicks – not on a raw nose; Don’t touch that food, it’s hot! “Yes, Dear, you were right;” Aaaaaahhhhh! Water!!!!!! Tested for strep, everyone’s running now! Dropped my soup on the keyboard! The revived me ready for the holiday weekend; The Live show must go on! We’re thrilled you’re here, you talk a lot! I’m going to loop “Yes, Dear” and put it on the outside speakers on the house; The parent-child relationship – love, safety, guidance, trust; Punishment – can erode that trust; Research shows punishing kids doesn’t teach them values; License & permit for wallpaper; What is the best way to discipline, according to Laura Ramirez; Children can bring up our triggers; Parents should think about how they were parented and what they want to pass on; There is a big difference between discipline and punishment; Discipline – Latin meaning “learner;” Essentially, your child is your disciple; Fear-based respect – punishment versus love-based respect – teaching values; Blame, shame, punishment – doesn’t teach a child what to do, but what not to do; If I could be half the person my father was, I would be a very lucky person! Stamford Ford Lincoln excellent Memorial weekend deals; YAY! They’re our Title Sponsor – for 8 Seasons!! Appropriate and natural consequences – think about these first; Approach a child first and ask why they made that choice to do what they did; Seek first to understand, teach, talk about moral consequences; Jane Fendelman isn’t on the phone yet; Rips paper with phone number, time zone issue; Daylight Savings; That’s not the phone number? No cell phone, never need it during the show & now our guest missed the call time; We are booked through September, last year we interviewed; Reid Mihalko; Glad Jane’s on because I don’t have to talk with my sore throat and now she’s not there and I’m talking a whole lot! Then then, Woman, you weren’t on – sound of crickets; The time zone thing is our thing; The happy people in Arizona; Trapezoids, hexagons, fractions in 1st grade, tenths, eighths, etc.; It’s like we’re training kids like putting them on the hamster wheel; Living on a low-grade anxiety; Are you happy enough? Many little kids are diagnosed with ADD/ADHD with the onset of homework; 65% of adults work at jobs they hate, according to a recent study; Andrew agrees Jane is completely correct; Adderall – Andrew felt anxious, hyper, dried out; He took himself off of it – didn’t get as much work done, but not worth it; Thanks, Phil, now I feel fat, sick and now old? One parent wanted the Adderall and one didn’t; What’s the best way to get kids to do homework without an argument? “Yes, after you……” 8 hours of school and homework and then wonder why kids are obese; You have 1 minute because you didn’t call in on time! Homework should only start 5th or 6th grade and for ½ hour
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May 17, 2012 2012 Broadcast

Guests We go international again! Australian educator, Derek Pugh, joins us from Indonesia to discuss neuroscience…and why it’s important to parents, teachers & students! He’s the author of The Owner’s Guide to the Teenage Brain. Our resident sexpert & recurrent guest, Reid Mihalko, joins us again on our LOVE segment to talk about difficult conversations in relationships & honesty…and how difficult conversations can actually deepen intimacy. Reid’s workshops have been attended by nearly 30,000 men and women!
Topics Covered Phillip becomes a citizen today! Glorious Mother’s Day; Derek calls from Indonesia; What is different about the teenage brain than younger kids or adults; Acronym: SEWbad; Sleeping with I-pod on all night – brain gets no rest; Why breakfast is the most important meal of the day; The 4 Hormones of Mood; Allostasis – elevated level of stress that becomes normal; Cortisol is a soluble hormone – drink more water; Laughing yoga – China & New Delhi, India; Mobile phones versus analog phones and your brain; Phillip became a citizen; “Yes, it’s a big day when I renounce every other country…” A newly-minted US citizen; Honesty is the best policy even if it stinks; Trust and intimacy is more important nowadays – find out why; Titanic – the jewel falling in the water…; Phillip is looking confused, perplexed; Decide what stays private: your journal, fantasies, past; California & Portland; Brad Pitt, Legends of the Fall, slumber party, t-shirts; Phillip created a party around a whole other guy; This room is getting warm; Phillip leveraged it to his favor; “That’ll give me at least 2 more weeks;” We only saw each other for 46 days before we married; Deep, raw emotions, the passing of loved ones, honesty; For 4 days, talked, cried, laughed, great healing from tragedy; Everything was open and honest from the very beginning; Such a great foundation; “Emotional barnacles on the hull of the relation-SHIP;” Your partner may not handle new information well
“Who Sez That?!?” Couple in Starbucks, “Are you two together?” Miss Connecticut official welcomes Phillip to the country with a smoocheroooo!! The USO, My Country ‘Tis of Thee, Lee Greenwood “Proud to be an American,” over 100,000 characters of my blogsite printed out for Granddad – don’t tell him about the citizenship!! Funny confused ending, “I’m so excited you’re a citizen, Baby!”

May 10, 2012 2012 Broadcast

Guests Anita Rowley of Allura Salon & Day Spa in Greenwich, CT, joins us in the studio to talk about cranial prosthesis for children as young as 3 to Senior Citizens. Brad Meltzer, best-selling author of 7 thrillers including The Inner Circle and host of Brad Meltzer’s Decoded on the History Channel joins us to discuss his inspiring book Heroes for My Daughter.
Topics Covered Dulcimer, Let It Be, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star; New Hampshire with the family; 50 years of hair design and wig creation; Apprenticeship at 15; Barcelona & Chase Bank; American Cancer Society Hair Loss Council; Our daughter donated her hair at 5 years old: Procedure to donate hair; Wig dryer; Locks of Love, Wigs for Kids; It takes about 10 people’s hair to make a wig; Human hair versus synthetic; Alopecia; “Where’s my book” – picture on the cover is adorable! Brad Meltzer’s Decoded on the History Channel; Sally Ride – America’s 1st female astronaut; Brad lost both parents through the writing process; Blank page – YOUR hero’s photo and story; “Does every hero have to be a fighter?” Thesaurus, Shift F7; Fight for what you believe in and fight for injustice; Why the Bible is so effective – it’s written as stories; Alexandra Scott – Alex’s Lemonade Stand – Foundation for childhood cancer; Ella Fitzgerald – start of her singing career; Lucille Ball – where & why she started to make funny faces; Henry Winkler, The Fonz; Eleanor Roosevelt; These heroes speak to all of us; The Book of Fate; The Statue of Liberty – are there hidden symbols? Eiffel Tower designed inside the Statue of Liberty; The Light-bringer – she carries the torch; Mount Rushmore – a secret room hidden behind the head of Abraham Lincoln; Amelia Earhart; Ordinary People Change the World – new clothing line;
“Who Sez That?!?” Reporter naughty on front lawn Liberty Tower, Freedom Tower, Citizenship

May 3, 2012 2012 Broadcast

Guests Linda Weatherseed, the Coordinator of the Family Center’s “Den for Grieving Kids” and mother of 5, talks about how parents can help their children through the grieving process when they’ve lost a loved one. The Centers are in Darien, Stamford and Greenwich, Connecticut. Casi McLean, author of The Wingless Butterfly, and motivational speaker discusses developing confidence & self-esteem in children, and how her own fears in childhood eventually led her to help her own children and others nationwide. When she was little, she asked her mother where her father was, and her mother warned her, “You don’t want to know him. He’s the kind of man who pulls wings off of butterflies.”
Topics Covered Den for Grieving Kids; When to tell a child a loved one has passed away; Must tell children in a developmentally-appropriate way; Don’t use euphemisms – “I lost my husband” – kids take it literally; Don’t tell a child a person who has died is sleeping or has gone on a trip; Many children harbor guilty feelings; Breaking a vase, “You’ll be the death of me” and then the person dies – guilt; Seek help, don’t try to guide children unsupported, people are here to help you; Using books and art to help young children go through the grieving process; Parents need to “listen” and not “push,” the children will guide you are far as they can take it at any particular moment; Create memories and connections with the person who died; Trying not to let the “relationship” go; Memory boxes, memory books, play – that’s children’s language; Some children feel responsible for the death; Life-changing events – should be in contact with the school to help the child; The child needs the support of the school and the children in the school; They wish for teachers to know what happened for support and help but not be singled out and feel different than other kids, a very fine line; Mother was a Quaker; Phillip: “It doesn’t shock me at all that you remember that;” The mother begged the daughter not to look for the biological father; But the sister started having health problems so they looked for him; Left a phone message, “I’m your sister;” She was shocked but not cold to Casi; “Moms know everything;” The mother fled with the 2 girls from place to place to get away from him; “How I beat the bully in the mirror” – being your own worst enemy; Poor self-confidence; How did you help your own sons and yourself; Henry Ford – “Whether you believe you can or you believe you can’t, you’re absolutely right;” Tigger & Eyeore; Tony Robbins’ answer to not being sad or depressed, sit up straight, shoulders back and put your head up high and smile; “At any point you can change the end of your story”
“Who Sez That?!?” “I don’t have grandchildren yet, don’t you two know how to do it??”
Mother-in-laws, spending the weekend with the family, dulcimer

April 26, 2012 Broadcast

Guests TS Wiley, co-author of Sex, Lies & Menopause AND Lights Out: Sleep, Sugar & Survival talks about prostate cancer as the 2nd leading cause of cancer death in American men. Rosalind Sedacca, founder of the Child-centered Divorce Network and the co-author of 99 Things Women Wish They Knew Before Dating After 40, 50 & Yes, 60 talks about dating & relationship success strategies for single men and women and how to stop attracting the same kind of partners.
Topics Covered Pizza – every Friday night for 13 years – “We know how to live it up! LOL!” Shared pizza slice, romantic, woman coming out of the gym; “Oh, no! He has to be a rat?” Seasoning; Tuna pizza, imported Phillip, pizza where in England? Mad cow disease; Treating versus not treating prostate cancer; Seasonal eating, high carbohydrates, “endless summer;” We are all aging 4 times as fast; Breastfeed; Research shows fathers have lower prostate cancer rates than men without kids; The evolutionary “magic number of 3” for a healthier prostate; There’s been a rise in STDs in older folks in the dating world; Some of the biggest fears women have going back into the dating world; Men don’t seem to compete with younger men the way women treat themselves; Valuing who you are at any age; There are many men who appreciate women at any age; Exude a level of self-confidence, posture, look in your eye, your inner feelings; Listen to your “self-talk;” Attracting a quality person in your life, breaking bad patterns; How much should a person talk about their previous relationships; How do they treat folks in the public sector; Slow dating versus our personal experience; Critical to not play games; Pure emotion and honesty; Wedding invitations – “Does she even have a boyfriend?” My mother’s summer engagement; How do you know you’ve found a keeper?
“Who Sez That?!?” “I’m the House Manager!” Talking to someone from the stall. Breastmilk

April 12, 2012 Broadcast

Guests Pediatric dentist, Dr. Stacy Zarakiotis, founder of the Greenwich Pediatric Dental Group, joins us to give parents advice on dental care for their little ones, how to prevent cavities, and important information on the consequences of too little or too much fluoride! Dr. Gwen Durham, author of 5 Skills Between Confusion & AHA! talks about the learning styles of the brain and how it affects children, kids’ health issues linked to hand-held devices and laptops, and the comparison of children learning today in the technology age versus how we learned years ago – and what that means for our kids!
Topics Covered American Girl Place; Saving up for something special, somehow our son missed that lesson; Zumba story on; Why pediatric dentistry is an additional 2 – 3 years of training; On children and adults with special needs; Using too much fluoride or too little fluoride – either can damage teeth; Fluorinated bottled water not with fluoride supplements; Well water difficulties; Adults are done…Toddlers and spitting out toothpaste, baby toothpastes; Flosser sticks & myths; Do cavities in baby teeth have to be filled and why; Most common chronic disease in childhood – dental caries – filling cavities; Sticky snacks, chewy bars, dried fruit versus healthy snacks; Veggies, fruits, yoghurt, cheese; Not juice, milk and water; The frequency of eaters, grazers; The 5 Skills of learning; Started teaching and had six children; Gwen was a teacher and principal, her own son hated to read; She wanted to help children the way she wanted her children to be taught; Her classroom was described by her principal as “Controlled Chaos;” Visual, auditory, tactile learners; Handheld devices and laptops for children and related health issues; Phillip’s wrist pain, “No, it was your neck” what! Tromboning – moving papers instead of wearing reading glasses; Impeding social development, texting TO someone, not speaking WITH someone; Imagination and creativity are curtailed; Glasses with text and microphone.
“Who Sez That?!?” (our e-mail LOL) detox from the husband & kids, the kids & you? Save good money… And love the one you’re with

April 5, 2012 Broadcast

Guests Hermine Steinberg, author of The Co-Walkers, Awakening discusses the rise in Depression in Children. Shockingly, Hermine says the rate of increase in children is estimated to be 23%, and pre-schoolers are the fastest-growing market for antidepressants! But it’s not all doom & gloom – Hermine talks about how learned helplessness is the opposite to resiliency – and how YOU can help your child gain competence and self-esteem, and help ward off depression.
Dr. Michelle Anthony, author of Little Girls Can Be Mean: 4-Steps to Bully-proof Girls in the Early Grades, talks about free online Web 2.0 resources parents can use at home to extend learning, ignite a passion and foster literacy.
Topics Covered Phillip with 2 LL’s; Catch-all; 6 children, 4 adults, 6 hours at the American Museum of Natural History; Started my Zumba classes! Every day versus 1st time; “My cardio was running from the parking lot into the Zumba class;” “Bianca, you never do anything by halves;” Mexico 20 years ago, Andrew wasn’t even born then; Came home and had to lay down on the couch; Why is depression in young people increasing; Sharper generational rise in children’s anxiety and depression; How children view the world – external versus internal; Children are feeling less control in their lives – due to externality; Increased pressure and external pressure – what do I look like, my status; Versus meaning in my life, focus on relationships; It has a lot to do with the values you teach your children;

Children in North America having less time to play & increase in school pressure; Overscheduled children, told how awful the economy is, chronic stress; Chronic stress affects their brain development; Resilience – everyone needs to go through good and bad times; Netherlands rates the highest in child development; Most child-centered society, quality time with parents, less pressures; I take a bunch of kids to the playground after school all the time and love it; Or you could create a catch-all, Phillip, bowl of milk; Why are antidepressants prescribed so young; What can parents do to help their children; Support them becoming a competent person and believing it! Why are they “Friending” you and not me? Are you the Let’s Talk MOM?

Yaaaaahhhh, on the show; Big girls can be mean, too; Leaping headfirst into Zumba, are you moving? Barely; Web 2.0 interactive web; math program; Educational portals through schools; Skill-building games, tools for learning; BrainPop Jr.; Balancing screentime – i-Pad, television, computer, etc.; Technology immigrants versus technology natives; Typewriters, erase, center, divide by half; Cassette tape and a pencil – do you know the connection; Love-hate relationship with the Internet, Internet safety; Smartphones; Seal hunt on the Internet, parents can’t always be there, teach your child; Shellshocked; she had the teaching and sense to get up and leave the room; Funk & Wagnalls encyclopedia set; Web 2.0 for all children; Check my algebra? Here’s a math-checking site;
“Who Sez That?!?” “You are so-well preserved!” Zumba, caving, cave-diving??

Compliments of Dr. Michelle Anthony – some sites that help kids of various ages be safer online:

3-5 year olds:
Online Safety: Childnet Internationale’s video series that teaches kids about online safety. or from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

6-8 year olds:
Online Safety: Interactive adventures that teach kids about online safety. Disney characters take children on interactive adventures to learn about internet safety.

8-11: “This FREE, pioneering curriculum is designed to empower students to think critically and make informed choices about how they create, communicate, and treat others in our ever-evolving, 24/7 digital world. Browse the units to find the topics and lessons that are just right for your students.” Internet safety with Professor Garfield: cyberbullying

11-15 year olds:
Online Safety: Children this age are entering social sites and getting more involved in online media. Have your child spend some time with these online safety experiences:
• Cyber Pigs: Geared for kids 9-12, children will learn about authenticating online information and observing rules of netiquette. Fact vs opinion and how to recognize bias are also covered.
• A Thin Line: Produced by MTV and others, this site educates teens about the possible repercussions of online activities:
• Online Hoaxes: Foster your child’s critical thinking by (together) figuring out what makes these sites hoaxes:
• A Parent’s Guide to Facebook: Comprehensive guide to Facebook and why teens crave a presence there. The guide will help you set up your child’s account, after they turn 13.
• Professor Garfield Fact or Opinion: Part story, part game, part safety tool. Helps your child learn the difference between fact and opinion on the internet, how to read critically, and how to verify information. Developed by the Virginia Department of Education.
• Ruby Skye, PI: Web-based video series about a 15-year-old detective who tracks down internet scams. Some older themes are incorporated (e.g., language, alcohol), and thus it is for those 13+ with a parent. The series is a useful tool to keep your child willing to watch and talk about online safety with you there to guide him. Read the reviews to be sure you feel good about your child’s viewing: and

March 29, 2012 Broadcast

Guests Brooke Burling, the Executive Director of the Connecticut Association for the Gifted speaks about why he left a successful career in Hollywood to advocate for gifted children throughout our state, understanding the complexities of high-potential learners, navigating the school system, and what risks gifted children face if their needs aren’t met.
Topics Covered – doTerra Essential Oils – wellness, aromatherapy; The St. Patrick’s Day parade; Ford Mustang convertible – Stamford Ford Lincoln, 212 Magee Avenue; Miles of Smiles – “Put on your smiles!” Gifted children have an intangible intensity of interest and engagement; They are naturally curious but doesn’t naturally translate into booksmarts; Why gifted children sometimes don’t “present themselves well” in school; The “what color is a banana” example; Global warming example; Dr. Nancy Heilbronner: 10 Things Not to Say to Your Gifted Child; Hypersensitivity, voracious appetite for learning; Why can some children deal with emotions in the classroom and others not; Math example – doing the last 2 questions 1st; Every child has the right to learn something new in school everyday; Minds in Motion; Gifted underachievers – the why and how Dr. Heilbronner fixed it in her family; Carol Dweck – learning to work to learn; image maintenance is such pressure; The Achievement Gap and The Excellence Gap; Sitting versus standing up to concentrate, multitasking; What can parents do to get programs in schools that don’t have them

“Who Sez That?!?” “Did you turn out fat and old and fall apart?” Humm….

March 22, 2012 Broadcast

Guests Bonnie Harris, Director of Connective Parenting discusses why kids push your buttons and what it all means; Dr. Frank Barnhill, family practitioner for over 30 years and author of Mistaken for ADHD talks about what’s fueling the meteoric increase in ADHD diagnosis and what significant emotional toll it can take on the child and parents if your child is misdiagnosed.
Topics Covered – doTerra Essential Oils; The power of radio – jury duty and the judge; When kids misbehave, they aren’t being a problem, they’re having a problem; How parents can diffuse their button so the child can’t “push” it; What Bonnie says you should do if a child has an outburst; What Bonnie says about your child to their room; Every parent has different buttons and children know what they are; Our button was put there a long time ago and it’s our responsibility; Meteoric rise in ADHD diagnosis; What is this label-mania trend; LD – learning disability; How and why has the label trend sped up in the last 10 years; How to tell if a child has been misdiagnosed with ADHD; How the diagnosis should be made correctly; Dr. Barnhill says as many as 20% – 40% kids do NOT have ADHD and have something else! A lot of parents say their children have never had a blood test or psychological test for ADHD; Hypothyroidism; Many medical schools only teach about ADHD for a week; Call your insurance company for an ADHD specialist; Helping a situation before it becomes a crisis; Strengthening eye muscles through exercise; Standing up is a big deal for an ADHD kid during a test; Hyperfocus with distractions; ADD & ADHD; Dr. Barnhill will answer all of your questions on
“Who Sez That?!?” Toilet plunger as a mask? Eeeewwwww! The parade, a beautiful Ford Mustang, throw Bianca, what?!?

March 15, 2012 Broadcast

Guests Hogan Hilling (Dad of 3) & Al Watts (Dad of 4) join us to talk about the book project called Dads Behaving Dadly: Chronicling the Fatherhood Revolution. Teacher and family therapist Jane Fendelman, talks about stress in kids, 21st Century pressures, and why she believes testing shouldn’t start until college.
Topics Covered Dads Behaving Dadly – “Phillip, you should submit a story;”; More than 80 Dads have already committed to writing stories; At-Home Dad convention; Daddy’s; 30% are At-Home Dads as primary caregiver; Play dates by Dads – diapers and poo, ballgames and beer; Breaking down the perception that Dads are inept; Hogan – Moms don’t nurture better, Dads just nurture differently; Hogan – the kids are an entertainment center, better than TV; Important for relationship building; The children are thanking their Dads for staying home and raising them; There is no “I” in the word “We” – put down your i-pod, i-pad, i-anything; Tweens and teens stage; Look forward to being with your girls; Daddy was so close to his 2 daughters; Boss taking son on a 4-day skiing trip, just the 2 of them to spend quality time; 2 Working parents are just as great as parents, it’s the quality of time! Phillip works in town and was at every ultrasound and every parent-child event; The Fatherhood Revolution; 750 words; for guidelines to submit stories;; The number one stressor for kids is not school and grades; It’s “the way” the parents and teachers make the children do their work; Schools are driven by fear to get grades high in exchange for funding; The parents are pressured to make the kids get good grades; Waldorf schools; Montessori schools; Phillip – Waldorf schools, Waldorf salads; Right-brain dominant – verbal and creative; Left-brain dominant – math and logic; Example: Doing taxes for 12 years for free; 1st grade math tutor; ADD; Rhombus, trapezoid, triangles, hexagons, pentagons; Kinetic, visual, tactile, audio learners; Bullying; The 4 A’s: Acknowledge, Apologize, Act of Amends, Ask for Forgiveness
“Who Sez That?!?” “I’d love to have a cup of coffee”

March 8, 2012 Broadcast
Guests Christine Fitzgerald and Patti Coyle join us to talk about Pegasus – the organization that provides equine-assisted therapy for people with special needs – 90% are children aged 4 – 18; Dr. Nancy Heilbronner, mother of 3 gifted children, joins us in the studio to tell us what 10 Things NOT to Say to Your Gifted Child: One Family’s Perspective.
Topics Covered – 1st deal is available, our thank you to you; Pegasus – equine-assisted therapy for people with special needs; 90% are children between the ages of 4-18; Animal-human bond; Pegasus – a therapeutic horseback riding session; The horse is the tool that provides the modality; Teaching individuals with special needs to ride horses; Helps with agility and confidence; Social interaction with the horse and with their peers; Kind, loving little people; The personalities of the horses; Couple’s sunset horseback riding evening ; Phillip – “I looked like a bag of ferrets on the back of a horse!” Horseback riding is so empowering for the child who rides; Pegasus is about them – the child may have siblings who can play sports; The oldest rider was in their 70s, but all have special needs; How is it difficult for the horses? Do folks have to buy equipment? Financial aid is available; Most funding comes from the community;; Over 300 volunteers! Gifted, talented, high potential, advanced learner; One needs to parent gifted children differently; Hyper-sensitivities and overexciteablities ; Bullying in school, damaging to any child, more so for sensitive gifted; Unconditional love, security, respecting your child is a unique personality; Comparing kayaking to parenting; You win the teenage battles by starting when they are 3; You’re a parent first; Children need boundaries and they need to respect those boundaries; The best things and the toughest thing raising gifted children; Dinner conversations and the encyclopedia; Insatiable curiosity; It’s the quality of work, not the quantity of the work – can create underachievers; “More of the same” – provide enrichment; ALP – Advanced Learning Programs; Gifted and Talented programs; Carol Dweck, Ashley Merryman writes about Carol Dweck’s study; You’re so smart versus you put in great effort; If a child is being bullied, you need to take it to your school; A child can get trapped by bullying for years; Selective achievement

“Who Sez That?!?” “You have a canoe?” (story, website & books about our dog)