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I read a Precious Moments book to Little Petal two or three times and then came to the page that said, “…but we were gentle among you, like a mother caring for her little children.” Then I turned the page because it was late and I was moving right along.

Little Petal turned the page back and quietly said as she pointed, “Mommy, you missed that part – Thessalonians Chapter 2:Verse 7.”

I was stunned! I didn’t even know she could read or pronounce the word Thessalonian, let alone fill in the words “chapter” and “verse,” both of which weren’t there as it was printed 2:7.

She had just turned 5.

 5 year old girl praying

The Bright Spot bright spot flower is our joy as parents watching our children learn and blossom and grow from our teachings. It is certainly an example of how much these little ones absorb whether we realize it or not. They look to us as role models and pick up things we least expect…

Enjoy whatever your faith is and celebrate your beliefs; your children will thrive with a strong foundation. If you read Mission: Bright Spot bright spot flower above, you’ll know I come from a large multicultural, multi-religious family – my beliefs have gotten me through many heartaches and challenges.