What You Give The World Gets

Thursday, October 2, 2014 by  

“The love you take is equal to the love you make,” oh, how I love this passage from The Beatles!

Like sponges, with unconditional love, your children will not only pass your love back to you a million-fold, but to their children and to the world. Ode to a good, ole fashioned snuggle!!

Breastfeeding golden image

 Cinderella daughter kissing Mommy

Father nose to nose with infant

Daughter kissing Daddy

They are the mirrors of your life…set the examples of love, kindness, gentleness,

couple snuggling on couch

 Brother cuddles baby sister

They are the Superheros to each other…

Big brother snuggles sister

And with love…

Mom and teen son

Mom cuddles daughter

and understanding…

Mother listens to teen son

Daughter plays with mother's pearl necklace

they will blossom into giving and nurturing young folks.

Daughter snuggles babydoll

Daughter loving her babydoll

 Daughter raising up her babydoll

Mom with teen son smiling on couch

Snuggle your children and it will come back to you and the world many times over.

Mom and infant on hammock

4 year old girl snuggling kitten

 Winter snuggling mom and baby

 Mom leaning on teen son

Mother snuggles baby

Baby and Mommy grinning big

The Bright Spot  bright spot flower – the natural and giving nature of children.

Such a joy! So grab your kids and snuggle away!! And watch the sun shine in your life with smiles!