Stroke at 47!

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Bianca Tyler, best friend in England, Godmother, wedding, castle, joy (11)An interesting turn of events 26 years ago would wind & wiggle and eventually lead me to my dream man. I lived in England with a woman who would not only become one of my very best friends in the world…like a sister, but who would introduce me to my husband. I am the Godmother of her sweet daughter (seen here in her arms which also happens to be her 1st birthday) and my sister is Godmother to one of her sons. I’m indebted to her forever for my amazing husband & darling children.

Bianca Tyler, best friend in England, Godmother, wedding, castle, joy (2)So when I received the phone call that she had had sudden hemorrhaging in her brain and was in the hospital’s acute stroke ward, we immediately booked a flight to England. As I stared out the window, I felt a rush of emotions & memories flood my mind.Bianca Tyler, best friends, hen night, wedding, roommates, love and trust

I thought about the day we met under bizarre circumstances that led me to live in her house for 6 weeks; even though she had just gotten married.

It was supposed to be an overnight. Both she and her husband said I could stay as long as I’d like.

So I did.

Bianca Tyler, best friend in England, York, boat ride     Bianca Tyler, best friend in England, Godmother, York
I remember them taking me sightseeing around England (above: York) and Bianca Tyler, best friend in England, Vermont, picking Vermont apples, apple pickingI took them apple picking in Vermont (left), trips to the City, and tours through the colonial towns of Connecticut.

I remember blasting their stereo to my Madonna cassettes I toted to England in my plastic pink cassette case – it was the 80s, you know. They worked by day & I danced in long t-shirts around their house to Bon Jovi, Def Leppard and the Talking Heads.

I’d jog around their little village and chit chat with the neighbors, shop owners and the folks gardening along my way. By evening, I was all abuzz with the latest goings on.Bianca Tyler, best friend in England, Godmother, wedding, castle, joy (3)

Then back in the States, I remember the train ride to New York City to see a George Michael concert – gotta love those glasses!

And I was so happy my friend & her husband were there the night I earned the Miss Connecticut title heading to the Miss America competition & at the party for my parent’s 25th wedding anniversary.
Bianca Tyler, Godmother, Godchildren

I remember the excited but weary phone call from England the moment her 1st son was born…he’s now 22 and lived with us for 7 weeks this past year. I was thrilled when she requested I be there for the birth of her daughter. Long story for another day…

And after my dear friend suffered several miscarriages &Bianca Tyler, best friend in England, Godmother, pregnant was experiencing a very high-risk pregnancy, she still boarded a plane Bianca Tyler, best friend in England, Godmother, Godchild, pregnant, Father, Sisterimmediately to be by my side the day my beloved father died (click this link for pictorial: Daddy).



So there was no way I was not going to get on a plane as soon possible so I could hug a woman I admire and love so much.

Bianca Tyler, best friend in England, Godmother, home Bianca Tyler, best friend in England, Godmother, wedding, castle, joy (14)
………….Home with us relaxing                         My friend, Goddaughter, sister & me in England

The Bright SpotTM bright spot flower – Cherish those you love. Give all of your heart to those who love you. Don’t waste time with people who aren’t sincere. There’s an expiration date on life, don’t miss any opportunities to hug those you love.
Bianca Tyler, best friend in England, Godmother, wedding, castle, joy (9) Bianca Tyler, best friend in England, Godmother, wedding, castle, joy (10)
Doctors say they cannot operate on my dear friend because the bleeding is too close to the stem and one wrong move would end her life. Later today she undergoes another MRI. Prayers needed. With 3 children and a great husband, she’s taking life one day at a time. Doctors say the best thing she can do now is slow down. Perhaps a lesson for us all…to slow down…look around & give thanks for who you have in your life. I am grateful to have such wonderful friends. xo~b

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Busy Moms, Fluff Your Super Capes!

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Many of our parenting shows leave me feeling profoundly grateful – visits by WishKids from the Make-a-Wish Foundation or interviews with the volunteers of orphaned children in hosting programs. Some shows make me feel enlightened by our expert guests on the subjects of hypnobirthing, equine-assisted therapy for children, boomerang kids, and conscious parenting.

After more than 400 interviews during our 15 seasons on-air, I can honestly say I get in the car on the way home from the Bianca Tyler, Phillip, radio show, Let's Talk, on-air parenting showradio station with a mix of emotions and I hope that our program affects our listeners the same way (after airing, the “Let’s Talk!” shows are archived on this site).

One guest, in particular, struck a chord with me. Busy working mom of three, Julie Zeff, MSW, CPCC, author of Vivid Living for Busy Moms: Coach Yourself to an Extraordinary Life, uses yoga and sensations in the body in her work as a life coach for the past 14 years. According to Julie, “she teaches her clients to access the wisdom of their body and mind to help them transform their lives.” She teaches about heart truths and ogres. Heart truths – what you truly desire; ogres – negativity replaying in your mind/burdens/negative patterns or should have’s/would have’s/must do’s!

Everyone knows what it’s like to feel the burden of the should have’s and must do’s, but Julie says everything is a choice. We either deal with those things with positive energy or a burden of responsibility. What you truly and absolutely love or wish to do is your heart truth. Your body knows it, your gut feels it, and yet so many of us, particularly the busy moms I know, stuff away what we really wish we could do in lieu of everything else we think we have to do.

So when I left the show the day of Julie’s interview, I listened to my body and felt the regular sensations of the day-to-day responsibilities I needed to get done: household tasks, family & school obligations, you know the drill.

Bianca Tyler, soaring, soaring wrap, beach, Caribbean, super cape, Moms, Super MomsBut Julie suggested our listeners think about what they really love to do and then feel the difference in the body. I love to write. And when I thought about it, it made my heart beat a little faster and swell with joy. And yet it’s usually the first thing that I put on the back burner as I greet each day and my tidy list of things to do. I wanted my “Mom Super Cape” to soar ever higher; it was starting to feel dampened by mortgages & meetings, lighting bills & laundry. It needed airing & fluffing!

So I decided for my own personal growth it would be wise to spend time with Julie off air and see how her guidance and expertise would lead me to a continued vivid and extraordinary life – just on a higher level.

From Julie’s website: “Live a balanced, present, and passionate life on your terms at work, with your family and with friends. 

• Know who you are at your core 
• Uncover your life purpose
• Leap over self-sabotaging tangles
• Trust the unique wisdom of your body 
• See clearly where your life is in or out of balance
• Bring on the “me time”
• Know what to do to transform your life into one you love

The Bright SpotTM bright spot flower – Julie spent an hour and a half with me and can with you, too, her details are below. When I hung up the phone with her, I felt such a renewed sense of excitement that I started working on a chapter of a manuscript I shelved a while back. Because there lies my heart truth for work & having spent time this morning with Julie, I know it is time for that book to come to fruition.

Julie Zeff, Vivid LivingJulie Zeff, MSW, CPCC, www.vividliving.netjulie@vividliving.netJulie Zeff, Vivid Living for Busy Moms, Extraordinary Life (1)
Helping stressed/tired moms live vivid lives they love!
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