2 & 15 – 8 & 21

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Trampoline c-u 2007 2.3yo-b

Superhero Big Brother & Adoring Little Sister ages 2 & 15        &      ages 8 & 21

Trampoline c-u 2013 8yo-a

No one has to tell you time flies. But sometimes we need reminders that making every moment count does not mean filling those moments with endless, scheduled activities.

Sometimes the best memories are the quiet ones, just chilling on the trampoline with your brother or sister, stuffed animal or dearest friends.

Listening to the birds chirp, watching an airplane fly by, smelling freshly-cut grass, discovering shapes in white, puffy clouds.

The Bright SpotTM bright spot flower – Life is fast enough. Slow down & enjoy the simple pleasures all around you.