Do You Need Fur That Badly??

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If you’ve read my Press Release, you know my husband and I fervently hope for the end of the brutal seal hunt in Canada and have worked with the Senior Vice President of the Humane Society of the United States Wildlife to stop the largest massacre of marine mammals on the planet – slated to begin this early April on the baby seals’ birthing floes. 

According to this Senior VP, “the Canadian government is now allowing 468,200 seals to be killed – an increase of 80,000 from 2010. This is the HIGHEST SLAUGHTER since the 50s and 60s when the sealers nearly decimated the seal population by as much as two-thirds!!”  468,200 seals will be slaughtered in a 6-week period – you do the math, that’s a lot of hooked-club bludgeoning in an 8-hour day!!

There’s ONE thing that you can do to help STOP this, read below.

Fact: 95% of the seals beaten to death are less than 3 months old.

Fact: Over 50% are 12 – 30 days old! Most have not even eaten their 1st solid meal. They are nursing on their mother’s milk on their birthing grounds.

Fact: Most cannot swim yet as they are so young. Even the bigger seals cannot defend themselves – they cannot run away! Come on – they don’t even have legs, this is NOT a hunt but a vicious, savage massacre! 

Fact: Observing vetrinarians say as many as 42% of the seals are skinned alive. Video shows the mothers cry!

I mean, really, do you need fur so badly that you are willing to wear the remains of a baby seal beaten to death by a hooked club? Seal products are banned in the US, thank God, but it needs to stop worldwide and YOU CAN HELP BY MAKING ONE SIMPLE CHANGE – DON’T BUY CANADIAN SEAFOOD – JUST LOOK AT SEAFOOD LABELS IN YOUR STORES OR ASK WHERE SEAFOOD WAS PURCHASED WHEN YOU’RE IN RESTAURANTS, OR JUST GO TO THE HSUS SITE BELOW FOR DETAILS.

If you have the guts for it, read my article in XD Magazine, but be warned the photos are graphic. Click on the red words below here that say “end the seal hunt” to read my article, and to see how YOUR ONE simple change can have a huge impact:

Article:  End the Seal Hunt

Or click on the seal photo below to learn more about the boycott to not buy Canadian seafood until this henious brutality stops.



The Bright Spot bright spot flower – YES, THERE IS ONE AND AGAIN, IT’S YOU!!  650,000 individuals and 5,500 companies are participating in the HSUS ProtectSeals Boycott of Canadian Seafood. THANK YOU if you are one of the 650,000 people and THANK YOU if you go to the seal link above and join the effort.